Pose “Helicopter”

helicopter pose

The sexual world is divided into theorists and practitioners. With practice, everything is clear. Regardless of gender, they behave like our pets in March, always willing and always ready. But sex theorists are able to speak to anyone with the most tempting, as it seems to him, details of probable lovemaking. They will tell you by heart the Kama Sutra from and to, they will rave about meeting you, of course, in private, whisper various obscenities, and then it turns out that they have to go, urgent business.

Why is it all? And to the fact that excessive deepening into sexual theory makes us waste our time understanding the mechanisms of tantric sex, and losing it in real time. The helicopter pose is one of those poses about the pleasure that it will bring, theorists like to talk about. Missing from the fact only that they themselves have not yet tried it.

If you rest against the horn and still firmly decide for yourself to “diversify” your life with air mechanisms, we suggest that you familiarize yourself with some variations of the helicopter position in sex.

classic helicopter

The “classic” helicopter (if you can call it that) will be performed for vaginal sex. The woman lies on her back, the man lies on her, inserts the penis, then turns around diagonally. During intercourse, a man, in theory, should always rotate either to the right or to the left on his partner.

pose helicopter Kama Sutra

Some consider the helicopter sexual position to be the basis of tantric, oriental, primordial and even therapeutic sex. Others (theorists) parry and call it “pseudo-eastern”, convincing that the helicopter will be when you both fall out of bed in the ecstasy of rotation.

And, if I may say so, the subtlety of the execution is that both partners should be with tightly clenched legs. This is necessary for a better “grip”, because you can only touch in the genital area.

Helicopter in Russian

It must be assumed that the authors of the book “Encyclopedia of Love” are tired of hearing that the helicopter was taken from the Kama Sutra. I had to come up with my own, primordially Russian, helicopter, which is much more spectacular and extreme.

For its execution, you will need a strong (very!) ceiling fan. The woman fastens on the fan with her hands, raises her legs and throws her partner over the shoulder blades, raising her buttocks as high as possible so that the partner can insert his penis. Next, turn on the fan…

reverse helicopter

And, the penultimate of the unusual poses of a helicopter taken from the Kama Sutra. By the way, the most realistic.

The woman lies on her back, the man on top, only with his stomach on her, head to her feet. The partner puts her legs on the man’s shoulders so that the pelvis is higher, grabbing the partner’s buttocks with her hands to adjust the frequency and depth.

The helicopter lies in the fact that the partner from this position, without interrupting the sexual intercourse, turned clockwise and took up a missionary position.

It is believed that the most pleasant thing about this position is that a woman can enjoy an unobstructed view of the male genitals, as well as complete control over the course of sexual intercourse (until her partner “helicopter” and turned into a missionary position).

simple helicopterpose sex helicopter

But people with experience say that spinning and spinning is a waste of time. In order to get unforgettable and new, and most importantly, sensations, it is enough to slightly change the degree of entry by tilting the body to the side from the same missionary position.

That is, you yourself see that these poses can only be suitable if both partners are circus acrobats who have seen and not so much. If you want to experiment, experiment. But, the truth of life is that more than one couple has had to invent stories about how they both fell from the ladder, while the cause of the fractures was special, “oriental” sex techniques.