1. Clitoral

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Classic variant. Statistics show that more than 80% of women need clitoral stimulation to achieve orgasm. And no wonder: in this organ, most of which is located inside the body, as many as 8,000 nerve endings!

2. G-spot orgasm

Apparently (if you believe in it at all), this powerful point is located 3-5 cm inside the vagina on the front wall. Some people claim that it can be groped because it is denser than the surrounding tissues. It is believed that it may be part of the clitoris, which partly helps to understand why this area is so sensitive. To stimulate this zone, sex toys of a special shape are recommended, as well as fairly intense movements and pressures.

3. U-spot orgasm

This is not another mystical point, but the designation of the entrance to the urethra (urinary canal). For some, this area is very sensitive and responds well to stimulation. It must be handled with care and be sure to remember about lubrication.

4. Orgasm point A

This point is called the anterior fornix erogenous zone (anterior fornix erogenous zone) and is a whole area. It is located deep inside the vagina, 4-5 cm deeper than the G-spot, just in front of the cervix. Not everyone agrees to such stimulation, so if you decide to try it, ask your partner not to poke it with all your might, because it will be unpleasant. It is said that orgasms in this area resound in strong waves throughout the body, but in fact, few are able to experience them.