At all times, artists paid great attention to the theme of love. In an attempt to convey human passion on canvas, many of them developed their own unique style. And their paintings have become a cultural asset. Today’s artists do not lag behind the authorities of the past, but to see their work it is not necessary to go to the Louvre. They are easy to find on Instagram (the social network is recognized as extremist and banned on the territory of the Russian Federation). We have collected the top 10 artists who paint contemporary erotic paintings.


Anonymous artist from Paris


The artist from Paris bypasses the rules of Instagram in his own way (the social network is recognized as extremist and banned in the Russian Federation): he draws modern erotic paintings in a minimalist style, preferring delicate touch-erotica, without images of nipples and genitals. But at the same time, he manages to make his work so frank that it throws the audience into the paint. More work can be found on the artist’s website regardscoupables.com. In the same place, the author uploads sketches for tattoos and prints for clothes in his corporate style.

Frida is a young Italian artist


Frida Castelli is a contemporary Italian artist and poet who prefers erotic paintings. Her Instagram page (a social network recognized as extremist and banned in the Russian Federation) is followed by almost half a million fans. Her works convey tenderness, sensuality and love in the relationship between a man and a woman. Little is known about her, but her paintings speak for her. “I don’t like talking about myself. My work is much more important and interesting than myself,” says the artist.



Frida herself characterizes her work as “erotic”, in the sense that erotica is just one aspect of her love story. Each painting has its own context. Frida’s paintings are sensual, naturalistic and recognizable. The eyes of the models are covered with pleasure and clouded with the pleasure of wonderful sex.

Danish artist Tina


Tina from Denmark conveys in her watercolor erotic paintings the beauty of sensual lines, bright and at the same time soft colors. Tina emphasizes that she conveys sexuality through the eyes of a woman. Watercolor seems to be the best way for her to express herself and talk to the audience: these colors have very strong sensual vibrations, while allowing them to clearly delineate the space.


Valeria is a young artist from Moscow


Valeria from Moscow also prefers watercolor to all materials. In the account of a graduate of the Surikov Moscow Academy and the Paris College of Art, you can not only look at finished erotic paintings, but also admire the fascinating process of their creation. Valeria records fascinating videos of how she creates her masterpieces.

Modern Expressionist Kimberly


The spiritual heiress of famous expressionists such as Munch or Matisse, Kimberly Manning prefers muted colors in her erotic paintings. Her work is dominated by blues, grays and blacks, but with a restrained palette, the artist conveys truly vibrant passions. Mixing cold colors and hot sensuality, Kimberly paints erotica, from which it is impossible to take your eyes off and then calm the storm of emotions that arise in your head and heart.



Anonymous minimalist artist


Using only ink in his erotic paintings, the artist depicts a deep sensuality on a par with colleagues who do not limit themselves to paints and colors. Furious black and white graphics convey incredible expression and passion. The artist builds the theme of his work around the female body. This is just the image of naked girls and acts of masturbation or same-sex lesbian love.

Spanish artist Chamo


The artist’s name is Chamo, he is from Barcelona, ​​he studied painting in Barcelona and Paris. Chamo often draws her erotic paintings with the simplest materials: a ballpoint pen and a pencil. This is enough for him to create unique sensual works. In his “O” series, the artist used the well-known mythological motifs of the paintings “Leda and the Swan” and “Danae”.


His erotic paintings are distinguished not only by their maximum realism, but also create the effect of a chaotic kaleidoscope. It’s like Chamo drew a sketch and then copied and overlaid several copies onto one sheet to achieve this effect. However, this is an illusion. A talented artist draws each piece by hand from scratch. The artist developed his unique style all his life. And now, there is hardly a person who can make a copy of his paintings.


Street art artist Mabel


Mabel Wicentef began her career as a television and public event decorator. She later started her own business as a street artist. The figures in Mabel’s drawings are depicted in one continuous line, they are intertwined in hugs – tender and passionate, hot and loving. Often, the artist adds plants, flowers or wreaths of leaves to her erotic paintings, symbolizing the connection between man and nature. Her work can be compared with the paintings of the masters of the Renaissance. However, Mabel adds more frankness and challenge to her paintings.


Another anonymous from France


An anonymous master from France creates stunning erotic paintings with the help of several smooth lines. Petites Luxures (“Little Pleasures”) has been writing and selling his miniatures since 2014. His images are laconic, but extremely bold, not hiding the naturalism of the process. Here and cunnilingus, and same-sex love, and masturbation, and ménage à trois – all shades of sexuality, drawn in several continuous lines. The artist supplies his paintings with short captions.

Sexy graffiti artist


Another anonymous artist who prefers street art and light line drawing, as if painted with one touch. The content of erotic paintings ranges from explicit physiological scenes of sex and petting to cute and naive, inconspicuous furtive kisses. The minimalism of the drawings does not prevent you from feeling the passions that the artist puts into his work.