Perfect lover

perfect lover

When someone pronounces the word “lover”, usually, such associations arise in the head as a woman destroying someone else’s family, having an intimate relationship with an unfree man, etc. But a spouse can also be a lover, who manifests herself in bed with all passion , and at the same time knows how to subtly feel and understand the state of her man.

Most men under the concept of an ideal lover do not mean a woman’s extensive knowledge of sex, but her love, the ability to see the inner state of her lover, the desire to both get herself and give pleasure to her spouse. Therefore, consider the basic rules of how to become an ideal lover.

Appetizing start

True, no one has yet proven that strawberries with cream or chocolate are the most suitable means for arousal, but one should recall some example from the cinema where men like to be teased by running a berry over their body. You can also blindfold your partner with a silk scarf. This will make you more aroused. If the berries are not available, then ice cubes will serve as an excellent stimulant.

Taming the obstinate spouse

As you know, men are not supporters of conversations on frank topics. As a last resort, they do not like to discuss it with their partner. It is pointless to resort to interrogation in this situation. The rules of the ideal lover say that a woman should learn to listen to her man. His emotions and reaction to the touch of his beloved will tell the necessary.

Emotional freedom

Exclamations, groans, screams – all this greatly spurs male pleasure. Many women prefer to enjoy themselves by holding back their feelings. But this should not be done. Moans allow men to feel more confident in their sexual abilities, not to mention the fact that women’s screams increase male arousal.

Don’t forget about yourself

rules of the perfect lover

The secrets of an ideal lover lie in the fact that it is necessary not only to pay attention to the feelings and desires of your man, but also not to forget to love yourself. When doing a manicure or hairstyle, remind yourself that you are doing it, first of all, for yourself beautiful. After all, a woman who values ​​herself and does not lose her feminine pride is always more attractive to a man.

So, the ideal lover is a sensual, loving and affectionate woman who knows her own worth and in the eyes of her beloved man always looks desirable and mysterious.