“For a long time, confidence in one’s own sexual abilities has been an issue that has worried representatives of various classes – from rulers to ordinary peasants in all countries and on all continents. Often, “magic” aphrodisiac drugs were products associated with reproduction – seeds, bulbs, grains, as well as those that had the shape of certain “spicy” parts of the human body.

Today, science has gone far ahead and scientists have proven that the level of libido is primarily affected by chronic diseases, as well as the amount of hormones produced: testosterone and progesterone. If their level is low, sexual desire decreases. But there is good news: the hormonal background can be influenced with the right menu.

Consider the top 6 products, the use of which can, if not make you a sexual giant, then certainly improve the quality of intimate life. Although in this list there is a place for old folk remedies that lie on store shelves. If you think that rough sex is only available to those who eat oysters and asparagus, you are wrong.” – He speaks Ekaterina Fedorova, famous psychologist, sex coach and author of a dozen books on family relationships.

1. Bitter chocolate

There is hardly a person in the world who does not like this sweet dessert. Now you have another pleasant reason to consume dark chocolate more often. How does he work? It’s all about endorphins, or the “hormone of happiness and joy”, the production of which is enhanced by sweetness. They also affect the excitement, and the glucose contained in the sweet tile is designed to increase strength for an unforgettable night.

2. Honey

Another “champion” among sweets has been known since ancient times for its ability to turn ordinary sex into a bright and long-lasting activity. Natural honey contains both glucose and a number of important vitamins. But most importantly, it is rich in a special bioflavonoid chrysin, which enhances the production of testosterone, the most important sex hormone. And it is very important for both men and women. One spoon of honey in the morning with warm water or as a dessert along with nuts and ginger is the whole ancient secret of a happy sex life.

3. Chili pepper

Spicy southern seasoning is ready to give not only a burning sensation in the mouth, but no less “hot” nights. And the point here is to increase blood circulation, including the pelvic organs, which in itself is very useful for the quality of intimacy. Special substances in this spice also help the body in the production of endorphins. By the way, some chocolate brands have long launched the production of dark dark chocolate with a pronounced “pepper” note, and obviously for a reason.

4. Nuts

Another product from the past that has been credited with miraculous properties is almost all types of nuts. Now we know that this is not a myth at all: almonds, peanuts, hazelnuts, walnuts and Brazil nuts, as well as sesame seeds and seeds really have a positive effect on libido. Men should pay attention to raw almonds, as they are involved in the production of male sex hormones. And sesame and walnuts contain the amino acid L-arginine – the strongest pathogen of natural origin.

5. Seafood

Another important component of the “passionate” menu is seafood. Fortunately, this includes not only the notorious oysters, but also other seafood: oily fish, shrimp, squid, scallops. They combine useful omega-3 acids and amino acids, zinc, which is so important for the reproductive system, and easily digestible protein. Red and black caviar is an important part of the diet for men, as it enhances sperm production. For women, it provides an increase in folic acid levels. And do not forget about seaweed – they contain a lot of vitamins and minerals.

6. Eggs

And in this case, the ancient people were right – this product is important for a good potency. Even the Arab Sheikh Al-Nafzawi recommended that men consume eggs in large quantities in order to avoid problems with potency. Preference should be given to quail – they have less cholesterol, high levels of protein and vitamin A and B1.

In addition, I recommend adding foods such as dates, bananas, a variety of vegetables and fruits, celery, and spices to your diet. All of them make a great contribution to the process of enhancing libido. To consolidate the effect, try to sunbathe more often and be in the fresh air, as well as eliminate or minimize the use of anti-aphrodisiacs before a stormy night.

Remember these enemies of good sex: Hard alcohol, legumes and soy, dairy and cheese, foods high in salt (sodium) and fried foods, and an abundance of sugar and caffeine.

By following these simple guidelines, you and your partner will soon notice a noticeable difference in the quality and duration of sex.