Pansexual - who is it, what is the difference between pansexual and bisexual?

The modern world is more and more inclined towards freedom of choice and self-expression, so people begin to look for themselves and speak openly about feelings and emotions. Many still do not know who a pansexual is, but their number is constantly increasing, including among the stars.

What does pansexual mean?

Let’s start with the terminology, so, under pansexuality, we understand the complete disregard for gender differences and the search for a person with whom emotional contact and warm feelings are established, regardless of what type of sexuality he is. If you disassemble the word, then the prefix “pan” in Greek means “all”. Pansexual orientation, according to sexologists, occurs in transgender people or those who have not decided on their orientation.

People who identify themselves as pansexuals try in every way to avoid dividing people by focusing on gender. For them, the main goal is to find a soul mate, without the initial sexual attachment. In addition, pansexuals do not have any external preferences, such as hair color, height, and so on. At the first stages, such people may identify themselves with bisexuals, but after a while they realize that this term is too narrow for them.

Who is pansexual, celebrities who declare that they have such an orientation also help to find out.

  1. A striking example is the actress Shailene Woodley, who played a major role in the movie “Divergent”. The star openly stated that she falls in love with a person, and gender does not matter to her at all. Many took this as a confession of bisexuality, so Shailene had to explain what pansexuality is.
  2. Another example is the actor Josh Hutcherson, who is known from the movie The Hunger Games. He stated that he is now straight, but maybe in time he will meet a good guy and have feelings for him.
  3. Miley Cyrus, Christina Hendricks, Tom Geibel and others consider themselves pansexuals.

what does pansexual mean

What is the difference between pansexual and bisexual?

They are two completely different concepts, and the differences are already showing in the names, so “bi” refers to two, and “pan” is a choice, so it can include a certain range of gender types. The difference between bisexual and pansexual is that the former experience sexual desire for male and female representatives. Pansexuals can have feelings for any gender, even those that go beyond two genders, such as being gay or transgender. Often a pansexual is not aware of his orientation, confusing it with bisexuality or sexual perversion.


genderfluid pansexual

To begin with, let’s dwell on the meaning of the word “genderfluid”, so, it is understood as a mobile sexual orientation, which can be corrected over time. It cannot fit into any particular classification. The two concepts of genderfluid and pansexual can be combined, and then a person internally realizes that he has features of both men and women. Depending on the circumstances, he feels more emotions and attraction to a certain gender to a greater or lesser extent.

More and more people are talking about gender fluid on social networks, as more teenagers identify themselves as this type of person. Many parents should be aware that this is not a sentence, but simply a child looking for himself, and in sexual terms. The teenage period is characterized by contradictions, experiments and throwing from one side to the other. Psychological help is needed to return to gender normativity, and not to cure the alleged problem.

asexual pansexual

People belonging to this type do not experience sexual attraction at all, and sex has nothing to do with them. For them, friendship, communication and the inner world of a person are in the first place. It is important to point out that asexuality has nothing to do with gender identity, so do not think that people with this definition are not capable of experiencing romantic emotions and attractions. Asexual pansexuality indicates that a person with this orientation can find his soul mate, marry, but there will be no intimacy.

asexual pansexual

Poly pansexual

Polysexuality is understood as an orientation when there is an attraction to several genders. However, they are not completely pansexual, the definition indicates that not all men and women are attracted to them. The main differences between polysexuality and pansexuality include the fact that the former still have certain preferences, for example, they are not attracted to cis-men (people whose gender identity matches the biological sex).

Demi pansexual

The term demisexuality refers to the absence of sexual attraction until a strong emotional connection has developed. Often in this case they talk about primary and secondary sexual desire. Demi pansexual is an orientation in which a person gets pleasure from communication at a certain stage. If we talk about the origin of the word, then in French demi means “half”, and this emphasizes a subtle sexuality.

The gender of a demisexual can be any, that is, the desire arises for both women and men. Sexual orientation can be completely different, for example, bi-, homo- or heterosexuality. People who consider themselves demisexuals claim that they are not ready to have an intimate relationship if they do not have romantic feelings and love for a person.

Pansexuality Test

Many people have doubts about orientation, so they look for ways to sort themselves out. A psychologist can determine whether a person is pansexual or has other preferences. You can independently take the test, which is widely available on the network. It is compiled on the basis of the scale of sexual orientation of the famous sexologist Alfred Kinsey. With the help of testing, a person can reveal the existing hidden sexual inclinations at the subconscious level or determine their absence.

Pansexual Flag

Like many sexual orientations, this trend also has its own distinctive mark. The pansexual flag includes three colors: pink, yellow and blue. Each of them has its own specific meaning, so the first personifies the female gender, the second – the third gender (androgyny, transgender, and so on), and the third – male. The English letter “P” with an arrow can also be applied to it.

pansexuality flag

Pansexual Day

Adherents of different orientations like to organize holidays for themselves in order to once again declare their preferences to the world. A gender pansexual openly expresses his feelings, goes to the parade and celebrates his holiday on May 24th. There is also International Transgender Day, which falls on March 31st. This holiday is for those who openly declare their own sexual orientation. The celebration should be celebrated by people who are fighting for gender equality and against any discrimination.