Orgasm in women - what it is, how it happens, how long it lasts, what is useful, features of different types

Nature is conceived in such a way that in order to continue the race, a man must ejaculate during sex, but an orgasm in women is not a mandatory requirement for pregnancy. However, this does not mean that at the moment of intimacy, the fair sex should not or cannot enjoy.

What is an orgasm in women?

For conception, nature has conceived a special mechanism for ejaculation in men – ejaculation, which is the final stage of orgasm. It is the culmination of sexual pleasure, characterized by a pronounced sense of satisfaction. From ancient Greek, the term is translated as “pouring juice”, “flaming passion.”

Sexologists all over the world agree that orgasm in women, although not a natural necessity for reproduction, is still necessary for girls, experiencing pleasure, to be more willing to have sexual contact. Representatives of the weaker sex can experience the peak of orgasm on an equal footing with men, and sometimes more often and brighter than them.

what is an orgasm in women

How does an orgasm occur in women?

In the process of sexual contact, the sensations that a woman experiences during an orgasm vary depending on its stage:

  1. With the approach of pleasure, there is a loss of sensitivity and there is a feeling of “weightlessness” in the pelvis and legs.
  2. Then, starting from the genitals and further throughout the body, a pleasant wave of warmth spreads.
  3. At the moment of orgasm, rhythmic contractions of the walls of the vagina and uterus occur.
  4. In the final stage, the female secret is released through the wall of the uterus, the amount of which can vary greatly depending on the temperament and well-being of the woman.
  5. After the climax comes relaxation or refraction (a period during which it is impossible to reach orgasm again).

How long does an orgasm last for women?

The duration of orgasm in women is much longer than in men:

  1. The minimum time is about 5 seconds.
  2. The average indicator, typical for women with an average sexual constitution, is 15-25 seconds.
  3. A strong female orgasm in the fair sex can last from 60 to 90 seconds. In some cases, even longer. This is dictated by the structure of the genital organs and the type of temperament of a woman. However, this phenomenon occurs in about 3% of the girls on the planet.

How useful is an orgasm for a woman?

The culmination of sexual arousal is very beneficial for the body of girls. According to many scientists, regular sex has a beneficial effect on:

  1. Mood. During orgasm, the hormones of happiness and pleasure – oxytocin and serotonin – are released into the blood. From them, the mood stabilizes or even rises. The production of another hormone – prostaglandin, contributes to the regulation of sex hormones that cause depression and insomnia.
  2. Immunity. According to the results of many medical studies, girls who regularly experience orgasms are less likely to get colds.
  3. circulatory system. Women during orgasm receive an excellent training of the heart muscle and vascular walls, preventing stroke and thrombosis.
  4. youth and beauty. During sex, estrogen is produced, which is directly responsible for skin rejuvenation.

what is the benefit of an orgasm for a woman

Types of orgasms in women

Modern sexology identifies several types of orgasms that women have. According to the situations of occurrence, there are:

  1. Classic orgasm from intercourse or other sexual activities: petting, cunnilingus, masturbation.
  2. Myotonic, or maladaptive orgasm, associated with a strong reduction of the hips and compression of the genitals.
  3. An uncontrollable or spontaneous orgasm that can occur during moments of great stress. Here, sexologists cite as an example orgasmic childbirth or the climax of pleasure after difficult exam tests.

Classical pleasure from sexual activities is divided by scientists according to the area that is especially involved in achieving pleasant emotions into:

  • vaginal;
  • clitoral;
  • uterine;
  • anal.

Vaginal orgasm in women

There is no consensus among scientists about what the vaginal orgasm of women is. Some tend to consider it a continuation of the clitoris, believing that the clitoris itself is a larger organ than can be seen. Others argue that approximately 40% of the fair sex have special sensitive areas on the walls of the vagina, irritation of which leads to pleasure. Adherents of this theory identify several factors that affect vaginal satisfaction:

  1. The training of the muscles of the vagina, which are able to contract during intercourse and grip the partner’s penis more tightly. In some cases, they can weaken, then you can strengthen the intimate muscles with the help of special Kegel exercises.
  2. The position in which the stimulation of the desired zones occurs.
  3. Degree of sexual culture. Sigmund Freud argued that vaginal pleasure is a sign of a woman’s mature sexuality.

Clitoral orgasm in women

Most of the girls in sex are able to experience a clitoral orgasm. The clitoris is the female analogue of the penis, only with a much higher sensitivity of the head, about 2-3 times. This organ is hidden in the folds of the labia and covered with a skin hood. From his stimulation during partner sexual activities or masturbation, most of the girls who do not have serious problems with sexual health can experience pleasure.

In classical sex, there is not direct, but indirect stimulation of the clitoris from the labia, which move along with the frictions of the male member. If the distance from the head to the vagina is about 2.5 cm, then the girl receives the excitation of this organ in any position, but if further, then there is no stimulation during classical intercourse.

clitoral orgasm in women

Uterine orgasm in women

The least studied type is the uterine orgasm. Some scientists doubt its existence, while others associate it with the contraction of the muscular walls of the uterus during intercourse. Waves of vibrations begin from the bottom of the uterus, smoothly moving to its neck. To achieve this pleasure, you need:

  1. A long partner’s penis that can reach the cervix.
  2. The correct position during intercourse, in which there is some shortening of the vagina. For example, when a woman is on her back and presses her knees to her chest.
  3. Man’s movement technique: deep, vigorous frictions without excessive pressure.

Anal orgasm in women

Another less common variation is the female anal orgasm. The anal sphincter has a large number of nerve endings, from the stimulation of which with fingers, penis or toys, the girl may well experience satisfaction. It may depend on:

  1. Degrees of sexual culture and trust in a couple.
  2. Compliance with the rules of personal hygiene.
  3. Sexual temperament of partners.
  4. Choosing the right posture depending on the size of the penis.
  5. Smooth technique of sex.

Jet orgasm in women

Many porn films show violent orgasms of women with a gushing release of some liquid. This phenomenon is called a jet orgasm, or squirt. It is believed that it lasts about 1-2 minutes, during which, under strong pressure, a special female secret of different volumes is released from the urethra. Although some sexologists tend to argue that this is urine.

The female jet orgasm is considered one of the strongest, the achievement of which gives the girl very intense pleasant emotions and sensations. Far from all the fair sex are capable of this kind of pleasure from nature. In addition, complete relaxation and trust in a couple is important to achieve squirt. Its other feature is the wave-like form of manifestation. That is, one peak can be followed by another and another.

Multiple orgasms in women

One of the special types of orgasm is multiple. It is manifested by several waves of rise and fall of excitation, after which there is a decline in sexual tension. The number of orgasms a woman can experience depends on many factors, both her body and the external environment. Duration, strength and spacing between peaks can be highly individual. On average, about 15% of girls are multi-orgasmic, that is, they are able to experience multiple pleasure from time to time or under certain circumstances.

multiple orgasms in women

Why does a woman not get an orgasm?

A huge section of sexology is occupied by anorgasmia – that is, the inability to reach the highest peak of pleasure, despite the fact that excitement during sex still occurs. Such a state may be:

  1. primary or absolutethat is, the girl never reached the peak of pleasure.
  2. secondary or relative. The pleasure was gone after some circumstances or with a specific partner.

Absolute anorgasmia is characteristic of less than 3% of the female population of the planet. There can be many reasons why a woman does not experience an orgasm in certain circumstances. Among the physiological sexologists distinguish:

  1. Medical diseases, mainly gynecological, hormonal and neurological nature.
  2. Taking certain medications that affect libido.
  3. phase of the menstrual cycle.
  4. Weak vaginal muscles.
  5. Abuse of alcohol and other psychotropic substances.
  6. The special structure of the genital organs of partners.
  7. Type of caresses and posture during sex. Some women experience satisfaction only from stimulation of the clitoris, or vice versa, active frictions.

There are many more reasons why an orgasm does not occur in women, of a psychological nature:

  1. Mismatch of temperaments of sexual partners.
  2. Constant early ejaculation in a man.
  3. Lack of prelude or its lack.
  4. The level of sexual culture and upbringing of girls in childhood.
  5. Feelings of guilt or resentment towards a partner.
  6. Stress and depression.

How to get an orgasm for a woman?

If the causes of anorgasmia are not associated with the presence of diseases or taking medications, then you can use the advice of sexologists on how to achieve an orgasm for a woman:

  1. Comfortable atmosphere or, conversely, a change of routine. All doctors say that the female orgasm is in the head, so the psychological attitude to satisfaction is very important.
  2. Knowing your needs, which can be found out through masturbation. For a long time, self-satisfaction was considered shameful, but modern sexologists consider it a useful activity for revealing a woman’s sexuality.
  3. The quality and duration of the foreplay directly affect the girl’s mood for enjoyment.
  4. An important factor in how to quickly get an orgasm for a woman is choosing the right position. There are no strict rules here, because pleasant sensations can only be tested by experiment.
  5. Feelings in sex become brighter if the girl has well-trained vaginal muscles that are not used in everyday life and train with special exercises.

Poses for a woman’s orgasm

In any recommendations on how to get an orgasm for a woman, the choice of the correct position appears. The most common:

  1. rider. In this position, there is a significant stimulation of the clitoris and the woman completely controls the intensity and speed of the frictions.
  2. orgasm positions female cowgirl

  3. Lotus. In this position, partners can caress each other with their hands and lips, creating a closer emotional contact.
  4. positions for orgasm women lotus

  5. “Like a dog”. In this position, the penis is deeply penetrated with additional stimulation of the area around the anus. In addition, many girls are turned on by the partner’s rhythmic spanking.
  6. positions for orgasm women doggystyle)

  7. spoons. The position is good because the partners have free hands and lips, the penetrations are deep without great physical effort.
  8. positions for orgasm woman spoon

  9. Missionary with bent knees. In this position, the vagina narrows, from which its muscles better wrap around the deeply penetrating penis.

Female orgasm from masturbation

Sexologists agree that women masturbating to orgasm is absolutely normal and physiological. A girl knows her body better than others and can perform the necessary actions before the onset of pleasure. For some, self-satisfaction for physiological reasons is the only source of orgasm, while for others it is an excellent alternative to the usual sexual intercourse. Pathology occurs when, after too intense and frequent masturbation, the partner is not able to experience pleasure with a man, although this was previously possible.