Orgasm in a dream

I remember when my girlfriends and I were young and free, we often ended our evening chat on the phone with a wish for erotic dreams. Someone dreamed, someone didn’t, that’s not the point. But the fact is that some women not only often see frivolous dreams, they also manage to get pleasure from them. We are talking about orgasm in a dream.

Is it normal to have an orgasm in a dream?

Sometimes women who have had an orgasm while sleeping have questions about their own mental health. Well, really, to get an orgasm at night, sleeping, without any stimulation, isn’t it strange? In fact, there is nothing “criminal” in this, in any case, scientists are inclined to this opinion. Statistics say that 68% of women see erotic dreams about 5 times a month, and 35% of women get an orgasm during sleep. It is difficult to say what such experiences are connected with, since there is no obvious connection between the intensity of a woman’s sexual life and erotic experiences in a dream. Some women gain in this way a lack of sexual sensations, for example, during long business trips of their husband. Others, having a man at hand, completely unwilling to be close to him, suddenly wake up at night from a prolonged orgasm. And the first such experiences in a dream can occur in girls as early as adolescence. True, in this case, everything is written off for hormonal restructuring.

Of particular note is the orgasm in a dream during pregnancy. Some future mothers are very worried about this. Can this phenomenon actually harm the baby? On this issue, doctors are unanimous – if there is no threat of termination of pregnancy and other complications, then an orgasm, whether in a dream or in reality, will only be useful to both the pregnant woman and the child.

What can erotic dreams tell about?

According to the results of scientific studies of erotic dreams (yes, such were also carried out), it was concluded that such dreams are regularly seen by women aged 20-25 years and after 40 years, it is these periods that are considered to be sexually unsatisfied. But still, what do sex dreams mean or is it just an attempt by a tired brain to relax? In answering this question, the classification of such dreams will help us. It is customary to distinguish three groups: explicit, symbolic and anomalous dreams. Let’s talk about each type in more detail.

  1. Explicit dreams. These dreams demonstrate your desires, which for some reason you cannot fulfill, or even dare to talk about them. For example, you really want to have sex with an attractive boss, but you can’t do this (he has a wife, three children, and you are not free). Here your body is trying to fulfill your desire, at least in a dream. Also, such dreams occur in a person who has been deprived of sex for a long time. The longer the abstinence, the more often dreams, they are a demonstration of sexual tension, which cannot be removed in reality. And dreams of this nature can also reflect sexual desires that you do not dare to fulfill in real life. So often ladies see sex with two men, oral sex, sex with a casual acquaintance, etc.
  2. Symbolic dreams. They are characteristic of people who, by virtue of their upbringing, consider sex to be dirty and unworthy. Such complexes are expressed in dreams of implicit erotic content, their brain orgasm while sleepingencrypts into various symbols. For example, driving a car, flying, falling, viewing (presence inside) a waterfall, the presence of phallic objects – bananas, cucumbers, etc.
  3. anomalous dreams. This category includes dreams that come to a 100% heterosexual person about his participation in sex with same-sex partners. You should not consider this a manifestation of your secret desires, this is not always the case. For example, a woman may dream of sex with a girl due to a lack of affection, attention and positive emotions. There is nothing wrong with this, moreover, doctors concluded that erotic dreams help a woman cope with depression.