oral contraception

oral contraception

Each woman chooses for herself the most convenient method of contraception, since in many ways, it is she who will have to deal with the consequences. In popularity, oral contraception is second only to condoms. And, although doctors give these life-saving pills 99% or even more guarantees of effect, these almost 100% guarantees largely depend on the correct use of contraceptives.


For the utmost clarity, we describe the course of action of oral contraceptives.

  1. The pills prescribed for you contain two synthetic female hormones, estrogen and progesterone. They affect ovulation, in fact, it is suspended. Due to which the eggs do not mature, being carefully stored in the ovaries.
  2. Due to the action of oral contraceptives, the uterus is blocked by a layer of thickened mucus from incoming spermatozoa.
  3. If somehow the egg is still fertilized, it will have a “cold reception” of an unprepared endometrium, to which it must attach.

Thus, we get a “triple” protection.


And a few more advantages of combined oral contraception (COC):

  • often gynecologists and dermatovenereologists prescribe COCs to women not so much for contraception, but for the treatment and prevention of an irregular cycle, painful PMS and acne;
  • oral contraceptives serve as reliable protection against cancer of the uterus, ovaries, colon, as well as diseases of the mammary glands;
  • with the help of COCs, “unwanted” periods can be regulated: just after the last tablet in the package, you should start a new one without interruption – this method should be used as rarely as possible, for example, during a vacation in the bathing season.


Doctors are convinced that the advantages of oral contraceptives are much higher than the possible consequences of taking them. And even more so, these consequences are not as harmful as abortions:

  • taking COCs can contribute to the development of liver and breast cancer;
  • increases blood pressure, can cause blood clots;
  • possible appearance of age spots on the skin;
  • oral contraceptives

  • some women gain weight from COCs – this means that the doctor must choose a drug with a lower hormone content;
  • By the way, this method of contraception has nothing to do with oral sex, except that the drug is taken orally through the oral cavity.

And one more important precaution: smoking increases the side effects of COCs. Smoking women under 35 should take drugs with a low content of hormones, and after 35 – the combination of smoking and COCs is generally prohibited.