– And how long have you been in an “open relationship”?

– We’ve been dating for three years, but we’ve known each other for six. I moved and immediately met him at a bar near my new home.

– What’s the difference between “being in an open relationship” and “just sleeping with each other”?

– Open relationships are, first of all, relationships. We sleep together, go to the movies together, watch TV together. We know each other’s friends and parents. The difference is that we meet others too.

– Why did you choose an open relationship?

– My boyfriend is a bartender, he constantly communicates with a huge number of beautiful girls and cannot resist them. It was easier for me to openly go into such a relationship than every time I was tormented by the thought of whether he was cheating on me with someone secretly in the back room. If I can’t get him to be faithful, then that’s better. Both for him and for me.

Have you ever tried to make each other jealous?

– At first it happened. But since we’re in an open relationship, it just doesn’t make any sense. It seems to me like a game that other couples play.

– Do you tell each other when you have an affair with someone else?

– We adhere to the policy “Don’t tell – you won’t be asked.” And we don’t call it cheating. It used to be told, but it’s not always worth doing. In some cases, this is perceived harder than usual. But everything is always clear without words. Is always.

– Do you live together?

No, but we’ve already thought about it.

– But if you live together, will you have to stop seeing other people?

– Not necessary.

– What about security?

We agreed to always use condoms when sleeping with someone else. We promised each other. If I ever find out that he has broken that promise, it will all be over.


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