New sex positions

new sex positions

Alas, the regularity of sex between regular partners sooner or later becomes a routine, no matter how hot lovers both are. Some decide to accept and change their attitude to sexual intimacy from the category of pleasure to physiological necessity, while others are not lazy and put all their efforts into finding new positions in sex.

We will give you a short tour of, we hope, the poses you have not yet tried from the handy manual, the reference book of any bedroom of self-respecting people – the Kama Sutra.

Pose “Cross” №29

This new sex position will be an improvement on the routine, banal and no longer attractive position of a man on top. One can guess why it is called a “cross” by looking at its image. Do not be afraid of the confusing description and methodical arrangement of each limb, in this case, in fact, everything is easier than in words.

The woman lies on her back, bends her right leg at the knee, the left leg is extended. The man sits on her, puts his left leg behind her outstretched leg, and fastens with his right hand to her bent knee of her left leg.

cross pose

Pose “V” №1

Before proceeding with the description of this position, we warn you, when you are looking for what new positions in sex can help you diversify your sex life, be prepared for the fact that you will be required to more and more perfect gymnastic abilities. Therefore, do not forget about proper physical shape and pay attention to stretching exercises.

The “V” position is a prime example of how important stretching is for beautiful sex.

The woman sits on the edge of the table, the man stands in front of her with his legs slightly bent. The partner hugs his neck with her arms, wrapping her with outstretched legs as well. The man, holding her by the buttocks, works according to the usual pattern.


Pose “Official” №100

This position is used when partners simply have nowhere to lie down, unfortunately, or fortunately. The pose is called official because it is most often used in elevators or in locked, cramped closets.

The man leans against the wall, pressing his back against it. The woman hangs on him, wraps her arms around her neck, resting her bent legs against the wall.

This new sex position will require a lot of physical strength from the partner, especially the abdominal muscles and legs. Do not flatter yourself and do not count on the common misconception that sex can replace training.

Moreover, these two activities are very closely related, because the more successfully you dodge in the gym, the more acrobatic you will look in bed.

posture official