We’re in a taxi. Oleg’s travel bag lies at my feet, and he strokes my knee. I can’t wait to get home, I miss you so much. We corresponded each of those 20 days while he was on a business trip. From messages like “I can’t focus on work. I remembered that night in Barcelona…” or “Do you know what I will do with you first thing after the meeting?” I was breathtaking. No, I do not know. Show soon! But at home, I’m disappointed. Oleg comes out of the shower, towel wrapped around his hips, hair wet. He approaches me, unzips the new dress I’m wearing for the occasion. The towel falls to the floor, my cock touches my stomach. Beloved is clearly eager to be inside, but he delays the moment – strokes my chest, caresses my nipples with his lips. This prelude has been familiar to me for a long time, and I already want to feel a pleasant heaviness on myself. But when we are on the bed, I suddenly realize that what is happening gives me almost no pleasure.

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What’s the matter? Why is the meeting not a joy? I was so looking forward to it! Oleg buries his face into my neck and kisses the dimple above my collarbone, and I feel like I’m about to cry. When we met, sex seemed enchanting without tricks. But three years have passed since then, and with them – several long separations. During this time, I managed to read and review a lot of interesting things. No, love remained, but my tastes and even my very sensitivity changed. In addition to the chest and clitoris, I also found other erogenous zones, but how did it happen that my beloved does not know about them? I thought about it until two in the morning. What to do? Confessing is like saying, “You know, I’ve been faking all these years,” or signing off on your inability to communicate. In the morning, barely waking up, Oleg pulled me to him. So close and dear… Why am I afraid to be honest with him? My throat spasmed. “What happened?” – Oleg was confused. It seemed as if flashed in his eyes: “She cheated!”, “Leaves”, “Does she get sick with something?” It was impossible not to confess. And I told everything. explained
that I don’t want to chase after an orgasm and that my main erogenous zones are my buttocks, toes and feet. She asked me to kiss and stroke my whole body, and not only during foreplay. Confessed to one bold fantasy associated with him. Oleg exhaled and smiled: “Why were you silent before? I’ll kiss you all over!”
He wiped the tears from my cheeks and slowly moved down along my neck. Then he abruptly turned over on his stomach and gave free rein to his hands. And while he stroked my thighs and ass, biting and licking my feet and toes, I thought: why didn’t I ask for this earlier? We’ve lost a lot of time! That morning was the most daring of our lives. And although since then we have repeatedly repeated individual episodes, in erotic sms we remember exactly him.