Why do people like to play doctor

In general, the question “why?” in love games, rather secondary – well, who cares about the reasons why two adults like to play hospital? If it does not interfere with anyone and both give pleasure?


But if you think about it, then, of course, the feeling of helplessness comes to the fore, which, under certain scenery, is quite exciting. It’s not a bad idea to sometimes hand over control of your life to someone else – to let them surprise you, scare you, excite you, or regret you. The doctor in this scenario plays the dominant figure who keeps the situation under control. He knows better what the “patient” needs to be cured.

Secondly, people are often excited by workers in uniform – there is even the so-called “white coat syndrome”, when a person’s health indicators in a clinic are different than at home. Thirdly, someone may have pleasant disturbing memories associated with the clinic or examinations. Fourth, the feeling of shame caused by the need to undress can also become a source of pleasant sensations.


Setting and actions

Obviously, the most common setting is the hospital, but this is not the only option. For example, some men like to present themselves at the inspection in the military registration and enlistment office.

All actions during medical games can be divided into examination and procedures. During the examination, the body of the “patient” is examined using the simplest medical procedures: examination of the throat, measurement of pressure … But the examination can be very intimate. For example, if you are playing a visit to a gynecologist or a proctologist. Some people like a more “sharp” sensation, with such you can play in a psychiatric clinic with the use of secure restraints and a straitjacket.

Here are a few ideas of procedures that you can carry out without harm to health:


  • bandaging can also work as a movement limiter, which many people like in erotic games. Imagine if the patient injured his ankle or hands – the nurse will have to bandage him and take care of the immobilized patient properly;
  • massage is good in itself, but coupled with medical topics, it can just blow the roof off. Do not forget that you can massage not only the back, but also the buttocks, genitals and prostate;
  • enema – this procedure should be approached with caution;
  • Mustard plasters are a childhood memory, aren’t they?..



Most medical devices can be bought inexpensively in a medical supply store, it is not at all necessary to look for them in sex shops. So, what do you need for games?


  • Gloves – the moment when the doctor puts on gloves and says, with a slight drawl, “let’s see what we have here,” can be very exciting;
  • Stethoscope. Tell me honestly, did you dream about this device as a child? Now is the time to purchase it. You or your partner may like the feeling of chill on the skin.
  • Vaginal speculum expander – but it is better to buy it in a sex shop, they are presented there in all shapes and sizes.
  • Thermometer. By the way, guess where the most accurate temperature is?
  • White coat and cap – look in specialized stores with medical equipment.

In sex shops, you can also find urethral massagers, but handling them requires some skill. For more unusual sensations, get the Wartenberg wheel – this is a device for measuring sensitivity.



To create a medical atmosphere, it is better to turn on a bright cold light – a warm lamp feeling will create a more homely atmosphere. Do not forget that fans of medical role-playing games appreciate not only visual and tactile stimulants, but also the auditory component: the dry sound of gloves, the metallic sound of scalpels or spoons.

You can add the smell of alcohol or bleach to the atmosphere.

Obviously, the main characters of the medical fetish will be the doctor and the patient – it will be better if you specify the doctor’s specialization. Do not discount the nurses, because they are the ones who carry out all the simple procedures. But it is up to you to decide what character the doctor and patient will have – whether it will be a caring doctor who cares about the patient’s condition, or a rude nurse who “has already had your sixth morning.”

Patients can also be different: frightened, bashful, rude… It all depends on you. Role-playing games are a really great way to diversify your intimate life.