making love

Making love is by no means synonymous with sex, it is a much deeper concept. You can only make love with a partner with whom you have feelings, strong relationships and the desire to give each other as much pleasure as possible in every sense. We will look at how to diversify this area of ​​\u200b\u200blife.

The art of making love

Making love involves the use of a large number of different sexual games and techniques. In such contact, it is the prelude that plays a special role, which allows the couple to tune in the right way and get the most out of the process.

Even the most passionate lovemaking will not necessarily be fast and energetic: after all, it is the “hotness” of partners after exciting sexual games that will add passion.

That is why, if you decide to master not just sex, but lovemaking, you should read the relevant literature and find out how you can give your partner pleasure before sexual intercourse.

Romantic lovemaking

Romance is what women so often lack in relationships and marriages, and of all the ways of making love, this one remains the most desirable for the beautiful half of humanity. Romantic lovemaking begins long before the two are in bed. It is the touchingness of the moment, spiritual intimacy that is important here, and it is this, and not just carnal desire, that causes the desire to unite.

To arrange the right romantic lovemaking, you need to organize a full-fledged date: sit in a beautiful restaurant, have a picnic on the roof, spend time together in nature. The usual romantic attributes will not interfere either: a bouquet of flowers as a gift, a beautiful table setting, candles, a little wine. On such a date, you should turn off your phone and other gadgets, and focus on your partner. Talk about your dreams, goals, plans, remember pleasant moments from the past.

After such a dinner, making love will turn out to be romantic, tender and delicious. Do not forget about the pleasant subdued light and sensual music.

Places to make love

Many couples tend to use different places for making love. This is a very useful practice, because thanks to this, lovemaking does not become routine and mundane. Let’s take a look at popular places for lovemaking and the challenges they bring.

  1. Swimming pool or other body of water. This is a very popular place for having sex, because in the water the movements are not the same as in ordinary life. However, chlorinated water and blue vitriol are added to public pools, and this can be detrimental to intimate health. Making love in a natural reservoir is also fraught with danger. In addition, in this case, you should always use an additional water-based lubricant.
  2. Automobile. This is one of the most popular places for an unusual romantic night. If the windows of the car are darkened, you can not even go outside the city and not look for a secluded place – this will only add unusual sensations.
  3. ways to make love

  4. Elevator. Passionate lovemaking in the elevator is usually done late at night, while the couple takes the elevator to the top floor and presses the stop button so that no one calls the elevator.
  5. Beach. The dream of many is to experience ecstasy with a partner to the sound of the waves. Don’t try to do it right on the sand – better use a sun lounger or at least a sun mat.
  6. Outdoors or camping. This is a convenient option in which you have minimal risk of being noticed, but at the same time – a new environment.

A couple in love can experience and try much more than those who constantly change partners. In addition, making love gives a person much more pleasure than just sex.