Lubricants – how to use?

lubricants how to use

A lubricant is a lubricant that makes sex easier and more enjoyable. The use of lubricants helps to overcome some of the physiological inconveniences that occur during intercourse.

How to choose a lubricant?

Lubricants are oil-based and water-based. Water-based lubricants are considered more practical. They are made from silicone and glycerin. They are easy to wash off with water, they do not leave marks on clothes and do not cause allergic reactions. Such lubricants are more like natural vaginal discharge. When using condoms, you can choose only water-based lubricants, as such lubricants do not destroy the latex. As for fat-based lubricants, they are made from vegetable and animal fats.

Lubricants come with different smells and tastes, or ordinary, tasteless and odorless. Lubricants perform various functions, some of them are pain-relieving, others are warming, and others are moisturizing. Lubricants are also anti-inflammatory, flavoring and combined, including several of the listed functions.

How to use lubricants?

Lubricants usually come with instructions that describe how to use the lubricant. But, in general, there are some rules that indicate how to apply the lubricant and how to remove it. A little lubricant should be applied to the genitals before or during intercourse. After intimacy, the lubricant should be washed off with soap and warm water. For oral sex, you can use only specially designed lubricants.

Types of lubricants

There are many types of lubricants. Antiseptic lubricants best lubricantshave good density and degree of slip. They provide additional protection against sexually transmitted diseases. Antiseptic lubricants heal microcracks and wounds, and also relieve irritation.

Flavored lubricants are distinguished by a pronounced pleasant aroma of fruits and plants. Flavored lubricants are intended for oral sex. Such lubricants have a jelly-like base with a taste of fruits and plants.

Anal lubricants containing benzocaine or lidocaine reduce pain. They have a thicker texture. There are many more varieties of lubricants, but everyone chooses the best lubricants for himself, based on his own preferences.