Lubricant for sex

lubricant for sex

Today we will touch on such a delicate topic as lubricant for sex. Usually, during arousal, this natural lubricant is produced in sufficient quantities by the female body. But there are situations when there is not enough lubrication or there is none at all. In this case, sex will not bring the expected pleasure to both partners. Let’s try to figure out why this situation may arise and what to do if you encounter a similar problem.

Reasons for lack of lubrication

There are several main reasons that affect insufficient lubrication. This may be due to changes in hormonal levels. This is most often observed during pregnancy and after childbirth or during the onset of menopause. Another reason may be illness and the use of antibiotics and other medications.

Do not write off the psychological reasons. Distrust of the partner, notoriety, unwillingness to have sex do not allow partners to relax, surrender to the process. As a result, there is a lack of lubrication, uncomfortable or even painful sensations, unwillingness to continue sexual relations. With each negative experience, the situation gets worse.

Lubricated sex

Today, pharmacies and sex shops offer a huge selection of all kinds of lubricants. Finding an option that will fully satisfy both partners today is not difficult. In addition to the usual lubricants that are responsible for slipping during intercourse, there are many lubricants with additional effects. This may be the effect of a slight tingling or warmth. Some manufacturers add contraceptive or antiseptic components to lubricants. There are also lubricants that can prolong an erection. A lubricant for oral sex, for example, is perfect for lovers of such caresses, since it may contain food additives and flavorings that add some piquancy to sexual intercourse.

Therefore, if there is no lubrication during sex, the easiest way to solve this problem is to buy a lubricant. However, before going to the store or pharmacy, it is worth deciding which lubricant for sex is best for your couple to use. Almost everyone will use a water-based lubricant. As a rule, such lubricants do not cause allergies, have a light consistency and do not leave marks on the fabric. The only drawback of such a lubricant is its rapid drying. Therefore, during sex, you may need to repeatedly apply it.

How to make lubricant for sex

It's not difficult at all. The simplest option for homemade lubrication will be starch or flaxseed jelly. To add aroma, delicate color and pleasant taste to such a lubricant, you can use vanillin or add a little fruit, berry juice. Especially this lubricant will appeal to lovers of oral sex.

In addition, the lubricant can be replaced with massage oil, aftershave cream or milk for intimate hygiene.

Types of lubricants for sex

sex with lube

Artificial lubricants for sex differ in composition: silicone, oil and water. Each type of lubricant has its own advantages and disadvantages. So, for example, a lubricant containing oils cannot be used if partners are protected during sex with a condom, since the delicate structure of latex easily loses its integrity due to contact with oils.

Silicone grease is a great option. It does not lose its qualities for a long time, it is easy to apply and will not leave marks on sheets and clothes. But after the completion of sexual intercourse, it must be washed off, since with further contact with the skin, allergic reactions are possible.