Lubricant at home

lubricant at home

Today, many couples use all kinds of lubricants in sex. This allows them to avoid the discomfort caused by insufficient lubrication. There can be many reasons for this: illness, fatigue, the postpartum period or menopause, etc. to get rid of unpleasant sensations, it is enough to apply a little lubricant to intimate areas before sexual intercourse, and sex will again become a source of pleasure.

However, there are situations when, for some reason, a lubricant is not at hand. Let’s see what can be done in this case.

How to replace the lubricant at home?

Let’s start with the fact that lubricants are divided into three categories according to their composition. The former are based on water, the latter contain oils and other mineral ingredients. The third type includes silicone lubricants.

At home, it is easiest to prepare lubricants of the first two types. And in case there is no time for cooking, you should know how to replace the lubricant. A massage cream is quite suitable for these purposes. However, it is worth making sure in advance that it does not contain menthol or other warming substances, since their effect may be unexpected and not always pleasant. You can also use massage oil. True, you should know that the use of oil-based lubricants is incompatible with the use of a condom, since the structure of the latex from which the condom is made is broken, and the reliability of this contraceptive is greatly reduced.

How to make a lubricant?

For those who like to experiment, it will be interesting to make a lubricant with their own hands.

Here is an example of a comfortable relationship lubricant gel that not only relieves partners from the discomfort caused by dryness, but also easily brings newness to sexual relations.

You will need clean filtered or boiled water at room temperature and a fresh banana. It must be peeled andgel lubricant for a comfortable relationship using a blender, grind into a homogeneous mass. Pour a little water into the resulting puree - the homemade lubricant is ready.

Its indisputable advantage is that such a lubricant will not only save your intimate places from dryness, but can also be an excellent occasion for oral sex, which will bring sweet sensations to both partners. In addition, such a lubricant is not allergic.

As you can see, it is quite possible to find a replacement for lubricants at home. Moreover, such experiments can bring you closer to your partner and paint your sexual relationship with new colors.