Yes, the college drinking game is perfect for a lonely evening with a dog and a partner who is far away. The rules of the game are very simple: you say “I never…” and the truth. If your partner didn’t do it either, then you take a sip of your alcohol. If he had such an experience, he also drinks and tells you under what circumstances it happened.
Life hack: you can exchange text messages, and designate sips with emoji with a glass of champagne or a mug of foamy beer.

You take turns asking each other the question: truth or dare? The one who chooses the truth answers the most intimate, most tricky, most sensitive question an opponent can think of. And the one who chose the action must film their pranks on camera and send them to the partner. (Only, we conjure, remember that all the pictures that are on the Web remain on the Web).

The rules are very simple – in this game there are no losers, but all winners. You cut up cards with 30 questions and draw them one by one. Each card has two alternatives to choose from, and each of you takes turns making a choice and explaining it. The more detailed, the hotter. And here are some sample questions.

We-Vibe has a fiery feature: remote control via app from anywhere in the world. You can take, for example, this mini-vibrator, fix it on your underwear, but when it turns on, your partner will decide.