Let your lips lightly touch his ear when you whisper something obscene to your beloved.

Take a sip of warm mint tea before oral sex. He will like new and unusual sensations.

Gently suck on his tongue when you kiss. Just do not get carried away – let it last only a couple of seconds.

During a long French kiss, gently pull your partner’s lower lip towards you.

Another kissing technique for girls: quickly slide your tongue over his teeth, and then touch them to his cheek.

Unexpectedly kiss your loved one on the neck, standing behind him. Don’t forget about the tongue if you want goosebumps to run through his body from the surging pleasure.

First, gently suck on the earlobe, and then on its upper edge: here is a very sensitive erogenous zone, which almost no one knows about.

When your boyfriend is lying on his stomach, sit on top of him and slowly run your tongue down his spine.

Slowly kiss him from the neck to the pubis and back. Repeat several times until he begs you to drop a few inches.

Ask to tie your hands and start looking for your partner’s erogenous zones exclusively with the help of lips and tongue.