Kamasutra by horoscope


Aries girls are incredibly passionate and sensitive lovers. So, they want not only to have fun, but also to deliver a vivid orgasm to their partner. And most often they agree to an active role in intimate games. The ideal positions for an Aries are dominant but with maximum clitoral stimulation.

“Horse on a Stick”


Taurus are sophisticated lovers. The vulgarity and arrogance of these girls cannot be lured into their networks! This means that sexual pleasure should be sensual, without haste and excessive aggression. It is important to remember that Taurus sees sex not as mechanical movements, but as a full-fledged act of love – with foreplay, caresses and conversations after.

“Time bomb”


Geminis are great inventors and lovers of bright experiments! Boredom and routine can easily kill all the ardor of Gemini, which adds work to her partner: it is difficult to always be on top. Therefore, it is better to choose a non-standard position in sex – according to the horoscope, the Kama Sutra claims that even an ordinary doggy style must be changed correctly.

“Into the head”


Cancer girls just love passionate sex! Long lisping is not their story, these hearts must be taken by storm. It is clear that the most active part falls on the men’s shoulders. Hmm… And really, why not? Powerful, hot sex dominated by a man is a dream for Cancers.

“Sexy Pruner”


Lionesses are confident enough in themselves to try to prove anything to their man. And therefore they choose the same confident, strong and active partners as partners. Sometimes even for such men it is difficult with girls born under the sign of Leo, because it is they who must prove their sexual viability so as not to be blacklisted by lovers.

“G – wheelbarrow”


Virgos, when they fall in love, become incredibly flirtatious and playful with their lover. They do not like haste, and therefore they want to fully enjoy their sex life with their man. It is important for these girls to show their beloved not only the full power of their love, but also beauty. Therefore, positions should be chosen where Virgo looks as attractive as possible.

“Dessert spoon”


Ah, Libra – ardent admirers of aesthetically beautiful sex. Everything should be perfect: the body, and the feelings, and the position. Beautiful lingerie, subtle perfume and gentle words in your ear. Nothing should go unnoticed. The sex position that is ideal for Libra is close contact, where you can not only enjoy sex, but also kiss, stroke and grab your partner.

“Missionary Position”


Sex for scorpions is an integral part of a fulfilling life. These are passionate, inspirational and attractive girls who, without too much modesty, can tell what, how and when they want to receive from their lover. Scorpio is always looking for vivid sensations, so the position in sex also needs to be chosen difficult, but so that the main part of the work is done by the man.



Sagittarians love to see the game and slight understatement in everything. And in sex, most of all they want to tease a man, provoke him to exploits and erotic accomplishments. All in the name of one girl – Sagittarius, of course! Therefore, girls boldly give the reins of government to strong male hands. The main thing is that the partner is a respectful and loving man.

“Wedge by wedge”


Capricorns are young ladies who value stability and confidence in everything. And in sex, the situation is exactly the same: they are not so much interested in the novelty of positions as 100% satisfaction for themselves and their men. Therefore, if Capricorns have already chosen for themselves something in sex that helps to achieve a quick orgasm, this is an option to which they will be faithful for a long, long time.

“Warm place”


Aquarians are very freedom-loving girls who do not tolerate despotism even in sex. Therefore, everything depends solely on the mood of the Aquarius girl, but one thing remains unchanged: she will keep control and rhythm. So, boy, be the master of everything, but in the bedroom the main one is Aquarius.

“Boogie Woogie”


Sensual, touching and romantic Pisces love gentle sex, where there is enough time for caresses with hands, lips, hugs and words of praise for the Pisces girl. And these girls choose a partner for themselves who is just as sensitive and attentive to all details.

“Triumphal Arch”


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