Having sex with a friend is beneficial for several reasons. First, you don’t owe each other anything. Secondly, you can embody various fantasies and desires – and you will not be ashamed of it. Thirdly, you know each other well and know how to keep secrets. But here’s something to keep in mind…

1. You are still friends

And that’s more important than sex. And it is important that the relationship remains friendly when sex stops for some reason.

2. This is not a romantic relationship.

Try not to substitute concepts and try to turn it into a real romance, unless both of you want it. In fact, such a relationship is a staging post between two novels, so you should not flirt too much.

3. You both need to be honest

One of the benefits of friendship is that you can tell the truth without worrying about misunderstandings or hurt feelings. It is important to understand how you will react to the fact that one decides to go on a date with someone. And, of course, how to act if feelings are added to your beautiful equation without obligations.

4. Combining it with a relationship is ugly

In relation to both a friend and a romantic partner. However, if love does not happen, you can always return to each other.