is it good to swallow cum

Many couples practice oral sex, which allows them to diversify their sex life. However, a woman in such a situation always has a rather difficult choice of what to do at the end of the act. Let’s figure out whether it is useful or harmful to swallow sperm.

Is it good to swallow sperm?

Some men, due to some psychological factors, may like it when his girlfriend, after an act of love, does not run to the bathroom, covering her mouth with her hand, but swallows the sperm. This category tries to find a positive answer to the question of whether it is good for a woman to swallow male sperm. The facts are as follows:

  • sperm is useful because it is a source of protein;
  • semen contains many important substances for the body;
  • sperm improves the skin.

However, in fact, not a single study proves the fact that there can be any benefit from sperm, and there is no more protein in it than in a regular chicken egg. Moreover, a foreign protein is perceived by each organism differently, and in some cases causes undesirable effects.

Is it bad to swallow semen?

The negative consequences of such a completion of sexual intercourse should also be taken calmly. The most serious harm that can be caused to a woman by the sperm of her lover is an allergic reaction. This is a common occurrence in 5% of women. Of course, in this case, repeating the experiments is no longer worth it.

However, in some cases, indigestion and problems of this kind are possible, but this is more likely from the sphere of individual intolerance. Therefore, the question of whether or not to swallow sperm, each woman can decide for herself. There will be no amazing benefit, no terrible harm from this,is it bad to swallow cum especially if it happens very rarely.

Is it dangerous to swallow semen?

Nevertheless, there are cases in which it is better to refuse such an end to the oral act. Sperm, like blood, like the rest of the body fluids, contains all the viruses and infections that a man suffers from. In other words, if he is infected with AIDS, hepatitis B or C, or other STDs, a woman who swallows sperm has almost no chance of remaining healthy after such contact.

That is why oral sex, like any other, with a person who has not yet earned trust, should occur exclusively with the use of condoms. In addition, it removes the need to decide what to do at the end of the act.