Is anal sex good for you?

is anal sex good for you

A man, trying to persuade a girl to a new experiment in bed, often tries to find information about the benefits of this for health – mental or physical. But, whatever one may say, in anal sex, which is unnatural for a person, there are more dangers than benefits. Consider whether it is useful to engage in anal sex for men and women?

Is anal sex good for girls?

To begin with, we will consider a list of potential health risks, and then we will draw conclusions. So, what are the consequences for girls after such contact:

  1. The likelihood of injury to the anus and rectum up to ruptures. If such an injury occurs, it is necessary to urgently consult a doctor, since the environment in the rectum is far from sterile, the wound immediately becomes infected with bacteria and there is a serious risk of inflammation. In the worst case, this can lead to colon cancer.
  2. Relaxation of the anal sphincter. It performs the most important function: it is in constant tension and relaxes only once a day – when it is necessary to empty the intestines. Forced relaxation, even with a lot of lubrication, leads to the fact that the sphincter weakens, and soon ceases to be able to hold stool. This leads to fecal incontinence (partial or complete).
  3. In some cases, there is a prolapse of the rectum. This is accompanied by fever, bleeding, and often – blood poisoning.
  4. The intestinal mucosa is incredibly vulnerable, and microtrauma can be applied even with a small penis size.
  5. The rectum has no protective barriers against bacteria and is the easiest way to get a STD or HIV.
  6. As a result of anal sex, hemorrhoids can develop, so such contact during pregnancy is especially dangerous when the hemorrhoids increase.
  7. Sometimes, directly in the process or after it, an involuntary release of feces occurs, which mentally injures both the woman and her partner.

Given these risks, do you think it’s good for girls to practice anal sex? It is difficult to talk about the benefits if you know what the consequences may be. Anal sex done carefully can be safe, but not helpful.

Is anal sex good for men?

The list of negative properties of anal sex for men (as for an active partner) is somewhat smaller, but even here it is not without risk:

  1. Anal sex without using a condom can lead to infection and inflammation of the penis, since the rectum contains a lot of bacteria. It is believed that some of them are smaller than the pores of the condom and can be transmitted through it.
  2. Mechanical damage to the penis - there is a serious risk of tearing or erasing the frenulum of the penis, as well as injuring the extreme edge.
  3. A man runs the risk of mental trauma if it turns out that his partner has worms, or at the end of the act there is an involuntary release of feces.

If safety precautions are observed, this process can be made more or less harmless, but it is highly undesirable to practice it more than a few times a year.

Is anal sex useful: myths and reality

With complete information on the topic, Is anal sex good for a girl?Let's take a look at popular myths about anal sex that try to convince us of its benefits:

  1. Anal sex - prevention of hemorrhoids. In fact, anal sex can trigger hemorrhoids.
  2. Anal sex is harmless. Harm in the form of disruption of the functioning of the sphincter will be in any case, i.e. complete or partial fecal incontinence is an almost inevitable consequence for those who practice anal sex regularly.

There is also a myth that anal sex releases lubrication. No, this hole is not intended for this use and no grease will escape. It is necessary, and it is better to pick up a good option in a pharmacy.