interesting positions for sex

Routine, how often we complain about it in everyday life, it can spoil even such an enjoyable activity in all respects as sex. So that intimate relationships do not become insipid over time, you should not forget about looking for new and interesting things in sex, these can be positions, unusual places for the realization of your desires, furnishings, roles, toys, etc. And we will try to help you find something unusual by talking about interesting positions in sex. Perhaps not all of these provisions are easy to perform, but they will provide you with pleasant sensations for sure, besides, the desire to diversify bed relationships will surely provoke your partner.

The most interesting positions for sex

  1. “Martin” (improved knee-elbow): the partner leans on her hands, wrapping her legs around the partner’s waist. The man, kneeling, supports the woman by the hips. This position will require some physical preparation from the partner, as you will need to lean on your hands. In addition, you must completely trust the lover, since the main initiative will be in his hands. The position is suitable for cases where deep penetration is undesirable.
  2. “On the edge”: the man sits on the edge of the bed, and the partner sits on top, with her back to him. The position allows the woman to fully control the process, moving as she pleases, and free hands allow you to caress yourself and your partner.
  3. “On the armchair”: a woman sits on the back of an easy chair, bending forward. The man is located behind, holding the partner by the hips. In this position, power again passes to the partner, the woman’s movements will be somewhat constrained, but free hands will allow you to stimulate the clitoris and caress the breasts. Among the most interesting positions for having sex, this position of the bodies included not only some unusualness, but also its versatility. Positioned in this way, it is convenient to engage in anal sex, and if a woman bends forward a little, it will be possible to proceed to the classic love joys.
  4. “Cross-cross”: the girl is lying on her back, and the partner is on top, across her. In this position, penis penetration from different angles is possible. To do this, a man needs to get closer to his partner’s face or, conversely, turn his body to his feet. This will allow you to choose a position that will be most convenient for both partners.
  5. “With a chair”: a woman kneels on the seat of a chair, leaning on its back, a man is located behind. The position is suitable for vaginal and anal sex, just take care of the stability of the chair and place a pillow under your knees to make it more comfortable.
  6. “Wheelbarrow”: the partner rests her hands on the floor, and the man, being behind, spreads her legs and raises them to the level of the hips. This position gives a charming view of the sexy curves of the female body. True, for its execution you will have to acquire a strong partner. If this is not found, you can resort to a lighter version of the pose – lie with your chest on the edge of the sofa or give only one leg at the disposal of the man, the other resting on the floor.
  7. “Spiderwoman”: the partner is located behind, and the woman, standing against the wall, leans against the wall with both hands and her left leg bent at the knee. The pose is also not easy, the girl will have to show a certain flexibility here, and the man will have the ability to perform the “lifting on toes” exercise. But in this position, the man’s hands remain free, so he has the opportunity to caress his partner.

If you didn’t find anything interesting for yourself in this list, then the video review below can supplement the list of interesting positions.