1. Get comfortable

Just because you don’t want to cuddle doesn’t mean it’s time to get out of bed! You can watch a movie together or just lie next to each other without saying a word. You can even bring food to bed.


2. Take a shower together

Sex is a pleasant experience, but the body after it, let’s say, does not smell of violets. And if the desire to freshen up is stronger than the desire to lie down, kill two birds with one stone and go to the shower together. The tightness of the cubicle (and the bathroom itself) will add intimacy and a sense of closeness. For the brave in spirit, there are waterproof sex toys!

3. Talk about sex

Lean on pillows, discuss what happened now, what you liked the most, and what you would like to try next time. You can discuss not only sex, being in bed will make literally any conversation more frank!

4. Kiss

A great option for physical contact without hugs. Studies have shown that when you kiss, your brain waves are synchronized (actually, the process is somewhat more complicated, but in a nutshell, it is) – and you reach a new level of intimacy. And this is not at all like kissing your own hand, as suggested for comparison in those studies!

5. Have fun

If you have the strength left, you can take a board game and fight each other. Or, for example, play strip poker. The key to intimacy is the time you spend together, and what exactly you do (even throwing pillows!) is not so important.