Who are the “rabberists”?

Shiny, tight material that fits like a second skin – this is what rubberists, people with a fetish for latex and rubber, “thrive” from. Moreover, both those who like to wear latex and those who like to be worn by their partner are called so.


Rubberists love the way latex glistens on the skin, the harsh texture, the sound, and even the smell that rubber or latex gives off. Another reason why latex and rubber have become fetish objects is the so-called second skin effect. Sometimes those who wear latex may appear to be naked, covered with a layer of colored paint, but in reality everything is covered.

Latex wearers love the tight feeling this material gives. It’s not hard to guess that the latex fetish goes hand in hand with BDSM practitioners.

What to wear?

If you decide to play Angelina Jolie, here are some tips on how you can dress in this aggressive style. There are a wide variety of latex clothing and accessories on the market today. Here is just a short list:


  • dresses,
  • gloves,
  • pants,
  • linen,
  • suits,
  • masks,
  • raincoats.

Models of dresses range from tight minis to dresses with a sun skirt and floor-length dresses with slits. A latex dress can be complemented with a corset or a raincoat. The most popular colors for “latex outfits” are black and red, but you can find any shades if you want, including pink.

It is best to wear strips on your feet, they will strengthen the image of the fatal dominatrix. If you’re a risk-taker, you can also wear a latex mask or playful headgear (such as ear straps).

latex secrets

But if it seems to you that latex is easy, then you are mistaken. What is worth at least wearing full latex ammunition! Latex is a very dense and tight material, and pulling it on yourself can be quite difficult.


We turned to the experts for advice. For example, to this guy:

He seems to be trustworthy, he knows what he’s talking about. So how do you put on a latex outfit? There are two ways. (The guy in the video talks about three, but the third method, called “chlorination”, is very difficult, you probably won’t want to try it.)


The first way is to use talcum powder or baby powder. The strength of this method lies in the fact that talc absorbs moisture, and you will sweat profusely in latex, because it does not let air through. In addition, it is easy to get it at any pharmacy. Of the minuses – talc will be everywhere, it is free-flowing, it is “difficult to control”.

The second way is silicone lubricant. It can be purchased at any sex shop. You cover the suit with lubricant from the inside – and it glides like clockwork. Cons – when it dries, it starts to stick.

In general, if you decide to try something new, our instructions will help you.