1. What is it?

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Anal beads are a strip of balls, the diameter of which gradually increases. This is done in order to start with one or two of the smallest, and as you realize the capabilities of your body, continue with larger diameter balls. Such a toy is suitable for partners of both sexes, but for different purposes: in men it stimulates the prostate, and in women it only stimulates the nerve endings in the anus (but there are a lot of them!). And although the fabrics inside may stretch a little, care should be taken.


2. Get some lube

Lubricant is a mandatory part of any games with an anus. Apply some lubricant to both the leather and the beads. Be careful: if the toy is made of medical silicone, only water-based lubricant is suitable for it.

3. Take your time

To begin, carefully insert the first ball inside. Feel it inside. When you’re ready, add another one, slightly expanding the “docking” area with your other hand so that there is no discomfort.

4. Find your option

Sexologists advise beginners to buy soft beads that can bend when inside. They can be left in the anus even during normal sex.

5. And then?

When you get comfortable, you can try vibrating balls, which, if used correctly, will add a pleasant sensation.


6. Security

At the opposite end of the beads there is a ring or a handle that will prevent the toy from getting stuck inside. If there is nothing there, it is better not to buy such beads, otherwise you will have to go to the emergency room.

7. Hygiene

It is best to take a shower before anal caresses. But don’t get too carried away, so as not to damage anything and not wash away the beneficial bacteria. The toy must also be washed and processed, both before and after use! Special sprays are sold for this, but ordinary antibacterial soap is also suitable.