1. “When I was in middle school, I realized that the reason I love Taylor Swift is not because I want to be like her, but because I want to be with her. I also discovered that I fell in love with a girl from school. Being bisexual is an unusual life experience because you keep brushing off your own essence until you realize that you can love people of more than one gender. – M., 17.
  2. “Since childhood, I understood who I am, but I could not comprehend and voice it. I remember when I was in kindergarten I said that I wanted to marry a girl. The parents were shocked.” – L., 20.
  3. “I always felt a little different, especially when I dated guys. I felt that something was going wrong. I understood everything in my second year, when I came to a party with friends and saw my friend dancing. The feeling that I experienced … Well, I just understood everything about myself. – H., 22.
  4. “In seventh grade, I fell in love with a girl. I could not talk to her normally and I was embarrassed in her presence, and I could not understand why. And only years later I realized that these were romantic feelings. But I didn’t know anything until I met a girl at a concert in high school, and we immediately fell for each other. We did not part all day, held hands, hugged, put our heads on each other’s shoulders. I really wanted to kiss her, and I had no doubt that I like girls. – M., 16.
  5. “I was 18 years old, I was in my second year of college. We went to English with a girl I couldn’t stop thinking about. I thought, “Maybe I just want to be friends with her?” But it was something more. I was scared because before I was not attracted to girls, and I did not know if it was normal. I cried my eyes out because I did not know how people would react to this if they found out. – A., 21.
  6. “Even when I was little, I liked both girls and boys. I realized this when I fell in love with my best friend. Every time I played with my Barbies, I made them into same-sex couples.” – A., 18.
  7. “The ‘God, I’m a lesbian’ epiphany came to me at the age of 16, when I watched all the parts of Indiana Jones. I’ve always liked the third movie the best, and I didn’t understand why. And then it dawned on me that I was in love with the main female character, and not with Harrison Ford. – K., 21.
  8. “I’m bisexual. In the fourth grade, I fell in love with a girl. She wrote notes to her, which she passed through friends, even composed a song for her. But at that time I didn’t understand that it was love; and my friends and I thought that I just really want to be friends with her. But as I grew up, I was more and more attracted to girls. For a long time I was unwilling to admit that I was not heterosexual. But one day a close friend of mine said, “I think it’s more than just platonic feelings, and that’s okay.” Her support helped me understand myself.” – Z., 17
  9. “I remember looking at my best friend and realizing that my feelings are too strong for a normal friendship. I wanted to be with her at every opportunity. A few years later, I realized that I was much more serious about her than she was about me. I suppressed this feeling for a long time, thinking: “I like boys, which means I can’t like girls.” I pushed all thoughts of girls away from me. But at the age of 18, these feelings got out of control and I could no longer hold them back. And then I began to learn to accept myself the way I am.” – K., 21.
  10. “I remember watching the Bond movie “From Russia with Love” with Daniela Bianchi with my dad. I was no more than six. Daniela had curves like a Barbie. Then I, probably, for the first time paid attention to the female body and realized that I like ladies just like men. For a long time I confused this attraction with envy of a feminine figure. But at 11 or 12 years old, I sat and endlessly reviewed the scene from “Titanic” in which Kate Winslet’s breasts are visible, and I realized that this is something more than a little girl’s desire to have the body of an adult woman. – G., 22.
  11. “All my life I felt different. And in the eighth grade, a friend admitted to me that she was bisexual. I asked her what it was, and when she explained, I realized it was about me. I have never fallen in love with a male celebrity. I never dreamed of what my prince on a white horse would be like. I dated guys, but nothing worked: relationships usually ended because I was bored and uncomfortable. Then I realized that I met with them so that I could have company, and not because they attracted me. As wonderful as they are, they just aren’t for me. I am a lesbian”. – Zh., 21.