How to surprise a man in bed?

How to surprise a man in bed

Everyone knows that women love surprises. And it is not at all necessary to give expensive perfumes, chic flowers or other valuable things – although, of course, this is a huge plus in any relationship. But we, women, can find joy even in small things, especially when they are presented unexpectedly. After all, it is this act that indicates that they remember us, that they want to please us, that they care about us.

Men, according to psychologists, are not as romantic as women, but they also love surprises. And if this surprise is unusual, but with a twinkle, then it is beyond any praise. Please note that before presenting a sex surprise, you should carefully consider how to pleasantly surprise your beloved man.

So, how to surprise a man in bed?

Proper dinner

Sexologists say that in 89% of couples, sex begins with the standard caress and the usual hints “about it.” There is no need to adhere to some worn out stereotypes, go further, do not hold on to the old. So, for example, try starting foreplay in the kitchen. Arrange a romantic dinner for your loved one, decorate the room with candles, create an intimate atmosphere. But instead of dessert, offer him pieces of fruit with whipped cream, which you will present to him not on dishes, but on your body. Believe me, thanks to this, you will not wonder “how to surprise a man in bed”, such an atmosphere in itself will have a positive effect on both of you, as a result of which your loved one will remember the gift for a long time. Please note that for this situation it is best to use special products that can increase libido (seafood, red wine, mushrooms).

Wait wait wait…

While waiting for your husband, instead of the usual conversations with your friends, try to do something more pleasant. For example, their own excitement. Indeed, thanks to this, you will discover your new erogenous zones and will surely come up with many new ways to surprise

her husband in bed. As you understand, in order to surprise a man in sex, you need to be passionate, you need to really want him.

Peep, honey

Many men get great pleasure from watching a woman enjoy herself. So let him see it, and as a reward you will get thrills and mind-blowing sex. Sexologists also claim that 80% of men dream, want their woman from time to time to reincarnate as a schoolgirl, nurse, police officer …. But during sex, you don’t need to constantly think about how to surprise a man in bed, just surrender to passion and feelings and you will definitely succeed.

Try to look sexy at home

Unfortunately, there is very little peace and quiet in the modern world. That is why we try to find him at home. Therefore, most women, when they come home, put on an old dressing gown or pajamas, and almost none of them think about what kind of appearance their darling will see them in. Many magazines write that a woman should wear expensive, sexy lingerie. This, of course, is correct, but why, none of them writes about a short homemade silk or lace dress, in which any self-respecting girl should wear. After all, you must admit, it looks much sexier than an old bathrobe.


All men are conquerors and predators by nature. Therefore, support this game, resist him, allow yourself to be conquered. This is perhaps the easiest and most effective way to surprise your husband in sex.

How to surprise your husband in sex

If you still, for some reason, have not chosen the option you need to surprise your husband in bed, do not despair. Start small – buy beautiful bed linen with beautiful colors. This can also affect the quality of sex. And finally, remember, there are a huge number of different secrets that can surprise a man, so act, look for the right option and bring it to life. And best of all, if you learn how to speak frankly with your partner, because only then will you know what he likes and what not and how to really surprise your man in sex. Remember, good sex can not only save love, but also help strengthen it.