how to surprise a guy with a kiss

A kiss is the first sign of falling in love or love. It can be different, tender, passionate and, unfortunately, on duty and boring. In order for your feeling not to fade under the burden of worries and habits, you should constantly take care of each other and enjoy every moment spent together. It is necessary to arrange surprises, organize romantic dates and surprise the guy, both with an unexpected kiss and other pleasant little things.

How to kiss a guy so that he really likes it?

If you feel that your love has begun to fade, it is worth making some efforts and reviving the former passion. Various means can be used for this, but the very first step will still be a kiss. How to turn a guy on with a kiss, every girl knows. A little more activity, a little closer hugs – and that’s it.

If you want to add unusual notes to your caresses, you will have to use a little imagination. For example, you can apply mint lipstick on your lips, and the kiss will be both hot and cool at the same time, or gloss with the taste of strawberries, raspberries or chocolate.

Also remember that lips are not the only part of the body where you can kiss a guy. A light touch on the neck or shoulder can be the beginning of a passionate night, or a gentle hug. The back area is also very sensitive, so the path of kisses laid by you along the line of the spine will give a man an unforgettable experience.

How to kiss a guy for the first time?

It also happens that it is the girl who initiates the first kiss. If you find yourself in just such a situation, you should remember some rules, otherwise you risk seeming overly persistent.

First, let’s figure out where to kiss a guy on a first date. where to kiss a guyYour choice is not great – either it is the lips, or the cheek area. If you are not afraid to get a reputation for being too assertive, a kiss on the lips will be the best solution. If there are any doubts or you are shy, limit yourself to touching the cheek.

Next, remember that all touches of your lips should be gentle, soft and very light. Leave the initiative to extend the affection and make it more passionate for the man. All you can do is touch your lips a little to the guy’s cheek or lips. Your kiss should be a hint, not a suggestion. Your chosen one must understand that you are not at all opposed to your relationship being no longer just friendly, but at the same time retain the right of a man to take the first step.