The genitourinary system is responsible for men’s health. If it is not taken care of, impotence, infertility, and urinary incontinence occur. The most common disease is prostatitis. The inflammatory process appears for several reasons, but if you know how to stimulate the prostate, many problems can be avoided.

Do not self-medicate! In our articles, we collect the latest scientific data and the opinions of authoritative health experts. But remember: only a doctor can diagnose and prescribe treatment.

Stimulation of the prostate: what is this organ

The prostate is located under the bladder at the beginning of the urethra behind the pubic bone. She has a huge role in the implementation of sexual, reproductive functions and the act of urination. First of all, the prostate gland produces a fluid that makes sperm watery and mobile. Having studied the topic of how to stimulate a man’s prostate, you can help rid it of excess fluid and improve erection.


She is considered the male G-spot

Although the existence of this very point is questioned (one of the plausible versions is the inside of the clitoris), it is important to understand that the prostate is also considered the “orgasm button”. It is even called the second male heart. As soon as you learn how to stimulate the prostate so that he can finish, you will be able to completely conquer him and surprise him a lot.

Initially, massage had a medical purpose, but men quickly figured out that it brings great pleasure. Arousal from G-spot stimulation relaxes the partner and maintains an erection. Applying knowledge of how and where to stimulate the prostate helps to achieve a powerful and fast orgasm.



She’s not that deep.

The sex accessory gland is located behind the anal wall in the direction of the navel, a few centimeters from the sphincter. About three-quarters of a finger deep into the anus, that is, it is quite possible to reach it. Stimulation of the prostate must be very careful due to its high sensitivity.

Why you need to stimulate the prostate

Even if a man has some idea of ​​how to stimulate the prostate for pleasure, there are other important reasons for this. So, what is the purpose of massage?

  • Improving blood circulation in the pelvic organs and blood circulation in the prostate gland.
  • The outflow of lymph and secretion from the prostate, the elimination of congestion, the reduction of edema with fluid accumulation, the relief of symptoms of prostatitis, for its treatment and prevention.
  • Strengthening the muscles of the prostate.
  • Strengthening erection and increasing potency, sexual desire.
  • Accelerating the entry of drugs into the gland.


How to do prostate massage

Ideally, you need to consult a doctor, watch a video on how to stimulate a man’s prostate. Despite the beneficial effect, the procedure can cause pain and even harm to the chosen one. But with skillful and careful handling, prostate massage will only benefit.

Discuss details

As with everything related to sex, you need the consent of the partner for any manipulation. This is the expansion of your intimate boundaries and the realization of sexual fantasies. If you’re close enough, you can try this forbidden fruit.

In the presence of infections, inflammatory processes, difficulties with urination, cracks in the anus, and so on, there can be no talk of any penetration into this area. Even if a woman skillfully and gently stimulates the prostate, you need to wait for a full recovery and get rid of the trouble.


Get ready

Following the requirements of hygiene is a priority in the question of how to properly stimulate the prostate. Most often (but not necessarily) massage involves inserting a finger into the anus, so cleanliness of both is necessary. A man should visit the toilet, if necessary, use an enema a few hours before the meeting.


After you retire, you need to tune in to a romantic, trusting and relaxing way. You can take a shower together and give each other a light intimate massage in parallel with washing.

Be simple

There is no need to turn prostate stimulation into an event of incredible scale. Moreover, it is not even necessary to insert fingers inside! Discussing with your partner the moment how you can stimulate the prostate, you can experiment.


For example, it will be easier to carry out the plan in the knee-elbow position or on the side, preferably on the right. The knees should be brought closer to the stomach. In this position, it is easiest to relax the desired area. Alternatively, how best to stimulate the prostate from the outside, you can massage the area around the anus or touch it with your tongue. Either make it part of oral sex while the hands are busy with the penis, or pay attention to the area between the penis and the scrotum (indirect stimulation) … There are many ways to achieve the desired result.

Lubricant is important

Touching with dry fingers is unpleasant. Just because of this approach, there is a risk of injury. Therefore, when solving a rebus, how it is right for a woman to stimulate her partner’s prostate, you need to remember the rule. It is better to purchase a lubricant in advance. Cream or petroleum jelly as an alternative will not work, because they can cause an allergic reaction. And since the anus area does not have its own lubrication, it is necessary for any such caresses.


Remember the rules of fingering

Wash your hands, remove jewelry, and trim your nails. If desired, put a condom or disposable glove on your finger. Just don’t try to act like a hammer or a drill with your fingers. The movements should rather be stroking, alternately up and down.


Both! Let the man lie on his back if he does not want to lift the pelvis up, and you sit between his legs. When you feel that he is ready, gently insert your finger into his anus and start stimulating your husband or boyfriend’s prostate.

If your fingers encounter obstacles during the massage, take your time and wait until he relaxes properly. Perhaps run your lips or fingertips over his body. In this case, guys also need foreplay. Sexologists even recommend not to start sexual intercourse with this. It is better to start the massage when both of you are already sufficiently “warmed up” and the orgasm is close.



But if you are so relaxed and curious, it is not forbidden to try different variations, at the beginning, in the middle or already towards the end.

Try different moves

In order for an orgasm to come from prostate massage, you need to stimulate it as delicately as possible and act on a certain place. In this case, the hands must be persistent. If he does not want penetration, run your finger along the chosen one’s perineum in the direction from the scrotum to the anus opening.

If the finger made its way inside, make circular movements, back and forth, with different pressures. Again, not forgetting his testicles and penis, which can be gently squeezed with your free hand.

Try to watch your partner’s reaction. When he becomes uncomfortable, it means that something is not going according to plan. He can show you how to stimulate the prostate by his own example, because it is easier to do the right thing yourself. But if there is no discharge during the first attempt, you should not be upset. He needs to get used to your caresses and new sensations, this is normal.


Use a vibrator

There are special devices for stimulating the prostate, but not those that are suddenly at hand. The products of their sex toy store are made of latex, silicone, medical plastic and are safe. At the end they have a small vibrator.

Just pay attention to the materials so that the lubricant is compatible with the toys. But in general, with the help of this device, a guy can practice massage without you, if it is easier for him to get acquainted with this type of pleasure alone.

If you managed to captivate him with a massage, the question may arise how often you can stimulate the prostate. For medical reasons, it is usually prescribed from 10 daily sessions (or every other day). But it is better not to abuse such procedures, taking breaks of several days.

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