how to seduce a married man

For some women, there is nothing easier than seducing a married man, and how they do it, what techniques they use, we will discuss today.

How to seduce a married boss, friend or colleague?

Girls who have experience in seducing guys claim that a family man is the easiest prey, because they often lack elementary attention and admiration from their wife, they dream of unbridled passion and vivid impressions, but cannot get them in marriage. In addition, there are simple and effective tricks on how to seduce a married guy:

  1. Emphasize your femininity and sexuality. Men see their spouses at home, where it is inappropriate and uncomfortable to walk around in miniskirts or airy negligees, and, as you know, guys love with their eyes. The likelihood that the object of your desire has long been tired of the sight of your wife in a tracksuit or a simple dress is very high, so play in contrast.
  2. Spend more time together, no matter what you are doing, discussing a project or light conversation at lunchtime, the main thing is that you should get a chance to show a man that you are interested in him, give him the admiration that he lacks. Many girls don’t understand how much guys need to feel smart, brave, determined and desirable, praising a man will provoke him again and again to prove that he is exactly the way you see him. Such a technique helps both to seduce a married colleague and become a mistress of an old friend, almost any representative of the stronger sex, after regular compliments, will not want to give up your admiration, and will himself strive to continue communication.
  3. Do not pretend to be touchy, the guy must understand that he is attractive, and you are not averse to having sex with him, otherwise he will continue to perceive you as a friend or colleague. Just do not overdo it, remember that a hint and an offer are not the same thing, flirt, but do not say everything directly.
  4. Make him understand how you feel about cheating, say that most wives themselves are to blame for the disappearance of passion and the fact that their partners sleep with others, hint that you will never demand from a man to leave the family or tell everything to his wife. Most guys don’t mind having an affair, but the fear of having to admit it and the guilt keeps them from making a final decision. Before you seduce a faithful married man, you will have to overcome his fears and convince him that he decided to commit adultery solely because of the behavior of his wife, who does not want to give him what he deserves – admiration, a sense of his own attractiveness and understanding.
  5. Alcohol is your friend, but in moderation, a little wine will relieve tension and reduce a guy’s control over his own behavior.