How to satisfy your husband?

How to Satisfy Your Husband

Whoever says anything, but in the life of every person it is necessary to improve every area of ​​it. This also applies to bed success. If you are at times confused about how to satisfy your beloved husband, learn more about his sexual needs, then listen carefully to the information below. Indeed, in family life, in order not to bore each other, sometimes it is worth introducing some kind of novelty into the relationship.

How to satisfy your husband in bed?

For a modern person, intimate life plays an important role. Moreover, it has a great impact on the life of a man who is a hunter by nature. During intercourse, representatives of the opposite sex, let’s say, turn off the mind, and they begin to act according to instincts.

So, let’s figure out how to satisfy your beloved husband:

  1. Almost all men are crazy about oral sex. Let many hide it, but somewhere on a subconscious level they are not against such pranks. If the blowjob has become a daily routine for your couple, diversify it. For example, remember a turbulent youth, take it where there is a high probability that you may be noticed (elevator, changing cabin). Have you forgotten what men love with their eyes? Therefore, it will not be superfluous to have oral sex in front of a mirror. Not only will it excite both of you even more, the spouse will be beside himself with pride when he sees what you are doing with his genitals.
  2. Take the initiative in your own hands. Show all your passion. Drop complexes, stereotypes, shame. Live in the moment. Do what you have long dreamed of.
  3. Try to keep your mouth shut. After all, men are not very inspired by any kind of conversation during sex.
  4. Men get no less pleasure from anal intercourse than from vaginal. Indeed, in this case, the stimulation of the penis is greatest. Moreover, if your partner does not mind, you can switch places and enter his anus with a strap-on. Another option: during intercourse, stimulate the prostate gland, thus bringing it to anal orgasm.
  5. Tie him gently and do whatever you want with him. Otherwise, you can let yourself be tied down.
  6. Remember that if you blindfold, the rest of the senses are aggravated? So why shouldn’t your couple do something similar?
  7. How to satisfy a husband in sex? Easy! Give him unforgettable pleasure at any time of the day. This applies not only to early morning or late night. In addition, include a sensual massage, for example, Thai. Not only that, give your spouse a spicy sensation by moving a feather all over his body or an ice cube, paying special attention to erogenous zones.
  8. Diversify your erotic repertoire with light corporal punishment. Sometimes men want to be a dictator in bed or be dominated by a passionate woman.
  9. Practice postillonage, a finger is inserted into the partner’s anus. how to satisfy your husband in sexFor real pleasure, invite your loved one to get on all fours. Thus, you will have the opportunity to stimulate the most sensitive part of the male body, the prostate. Remember only that before the introduction of the finger should be lubricated with petroleum jelly.
  10. To figure out how to properly satisfy your husband, try kissing his crotch during foreplay. Combine her licking and kissing with masturbation. With smooth movements of the tongue, caress the recesses between the buttocks of the beloved. It is desirable that several small pillows be placed under his stomach.