How to satisfy a man in bed?

How to satisfy a man in bed

You can say as much as you like that sex is not the main thing in a relationship, but hardly anyone will argue that it occupies an important place in the life of any couple. And of course we want to know how to satisfy the beloved man in bed. In general, there are no secrets here, and we are happy to give advice to our friends on how to satisfy a man in sex, like these. True, for some reason we ourselves do not always follow them. So, we remember all the sex lessons we read, all our advice on how to sexually satisfy a man, and we begin to follow them.

How to make your loved one feel good or ways to satisfy a man in sex

  1. Don’t know how best to satisfy a man in bed? Maybe you should ask him about it? Now we are not talking about what he wants from sex at all, but what he would like to try today.
  2. How to satisfy a man in bed? Orally (blowjob), hands, you have the whole body at your disposal, fantasize, guess his desires and embody yours. By the way, about oral sex (blowjob). Do you know how to satisfy your man in this way? So you should not give oral sex only on special holidays. Doesn’t it give you pleasure to please your man? As for anal sex, many men like it, but not all ladies love it. If this type of sexual pleasure is unacceptable for you, then try to find a compromise. For example, learn how to give a deep blowjob or start exercising your vaginal muscles. In this case, the man will receive no less pleasure than with anal sex.
  3. What could be nicer than feeling your man with your whole body? Men also like to feel their partner, so that there are no barriers to this. We are talking about condoms, in order to better satisfy a man, you need to get rid of them. Consult with a gynecologist, pick up a contraceptive, and “rubber” to the dump.
  4. Foreplay, pay attention to them, try to warm up your partner, not letting him move on to the main thing. A good way is erotic massage, after which such passions flare up! So it would be nice to master this technique. And it will be even better if you yourself will enjoy it – after all, the main rule of a love game is sincerity. If a man feels that your caresses are insincere, then he may decide that you are using him. And in this case, there can be no talk of any unearthly pleasure.
  5. A romantic setting also plays a significant role in achieving your goals. Candles, pleasant twilight, relaxing music and the list goes on. Just do not forget about the practical side of things – you will not be full of candles alone.
  6. Your behavior during intimacy is also important. No passivity, men love liberated women who are aware of their sexuality. The more your movements during intimacy, the higher the pleasure of the parterre. And feel free to show that everything that happens is extremely pleasant for you, add voices. How to satisfy the man you loveLet passers-by or neighbors not worry you at this moment, now you should only care about the feelings of your partner and your own. Speaking of faking an orgasm. If it did not happen, then it is better to imitate it. Because a man will get more satisfaction if he knows that both of you have reached an orgasm. After all, every man wants to know that a woman is good with him. By the way, do not forget to communicate this not only through moans and sighs during sex, but also with words.
  7. How to kindle passion in a loved one? Do you like to dance and know how? Great, perform a belly dance or striptease for your man. Do not be embarrassed to open up to your partner, show your sexuality.