What it is?

Asexuals are people who do not experience sexual attraction. It sounds simple, but the phenomenon is actually complex. It is not associated with low libido, which can be caused by a variety of diseases (from genital tract infections to depression). Asexuality is not a medical condition, not a temporary phenomenon and not a deviation that can be cured. Rather, it can be called an orientation – like hetero-, homo or bisexuality.


Most often, asexuality manifests itself in adolescence. And getting older, people can not always explain their condition in words.

Yes, they can date!

But, as a rule, nothing “clicks” inside, although there may be a romantic attraction, unlike a sexual one. The fact that asexuals avoid dating or that they simply have hormonal imbalances is a myth.

The easiest way to explain this is with an example: we can love other people for different qualities. Sense of humor, intelligence, warmth, common interests – there are many options. This is how asexuals feel about it.

They can have sex and even orgasm

Being asexual does not necessarily mean being celibate. If a person wants, he can have sex and even get an orgasm. He may not experience sexual attraction, but may want physical contact with a partner or mechanical release. Another reason is the desire to please a partner, even if you don’t experience it yourself. In a word, it all depends on the character.

Moreover, sex in such people can be pleasant, because the orientation does not depend on the anatomical features. That is why asexuals are able to experience orgasms. Self-satisfaction is also possible: according to sexologists, about half of the people who consider themselves asexual are engaged in it.