how to recognize a bully

No woman wants to be disappointed in love. But to avoid this, you need to know how to recognize a womanizer. After all, a relationship with such a windy man will not bring anything but pain and resentment.

How to recognize a womanizer by his behavior?

The surest way to avoid a relationship with such a man is to determine by his behavior even at the time of meeting that you are a womanizer. This is quite difficult to do, because the womanizer will try to build relationships in such a way that the girl does not guess about his intentions. But, nevertheless, there are signs that help identify a womanizer, here they are:

  1. Overly confident man when meeting, a woman should be alerted. Usually, a guy is embarrassed to approach and talk to a girl he likes. Therefore, too persistent and even a little arrogant behavior can be a sign that a man is interested in a woman only as a “next victim” and he does not experience anything other than sexual interest. Hint to him that you are not interested in a one-night stand, this can help not only in how to recognize a man who is a womanizer, but also to avoid unnecessary relationships.
  2. Bright clothes and a demonstrative enumeration of their merits in the very first conversation, they can also tell the girl that a long-term and serious relationship will not work with this guy. Such men are often narcissists, which means they will try their best to draw attention to their person.
  3. Original compliments and unforgettable dates. Of course, this can also speak about a man’s experience, but most often guys don’t know how to behave with a girl they like, so if a man showers you with unusual compliments, you should think about whether he uses “homemade” preparations.
  4. Reluctance to introduce the girl to her friends and relatives. If a couple has been dating for more than 1-2 months, it is considered normal that a girl knows at least a couple of friends of her man. If the guy diligently avoids the woman meeting with his friends, this can also be signs of a frivolous relationship.