If you think sex is a distraction, great! But if you react with the phrase “Yes, you are crazy!” – need to do something. Refusal to have sex is a small thing that can greatly affect a relationship, especially if it turns out that one person initiates sex (and constantly gets nothing). Here’s how experts advise giving up sex so that your partner doesn’t feel resentful.

1. Clearly explain why not

If you’re not in the mood, say so directly. Many people, especially males, take rejection to heart: they say she doesn’t love me enough, gets angry, and so on. Tell me honestly that you are very tired and now is not the right time. Silence and misunderstanding do not help the relationship.

2. Suggest another time

Your “no” does not mean that you do not want anything in the next month. Explain that you do not mean any serious reason why you refuse. Suggest rescheduling sex for the weekend, tomorrow night or morning if you both get a good night’s sleep.

3. Look for other ways

Not having sex doesn’t mean you don’t want anything at all. You can go cuddle or spend time having pleasant conversations, play a board game or just go to bed together right now. The desire to be closer can be expressed in many ways. And it’s quite possible that you still want to withdraw your “no” if the mood strikes!