How to protect yourself without pills?

how to protect yourself without pills

The question of how you can protect yourself without pills is of great interest to modern women. After all, side effects from hormonal drugs are very difficult for the female body, and unwanted pregnancy remains a frightening factor and does not allow one to hope for a fluke. We will consider 5 options for protection, except for pills.

Method one: condom

If you are thinking about how to protect yourself other than pills, then a condom is practically the first thing that comes to your mind. However, this option is more suitable if you do not have a permanent partner. If he is, he is unlikely to like this idea, since this is not always convenient. This method can be combined with the calculation of ovulation and used only in a dangerous period, but in this case you will not be 100% protected.

Method two: diaphragm or cap

Another way to protect yourself without pills is a barrier from a cap or diaphragm. This method is suitable for nulliparous women who have a regular partner, but irregular sex life. The introduction of the cap requires a certain skill, and if it was incorrectly inserted, the degree of protection will be low. Usually the diaphragm is combined with spermicides to enhance the effect.

Method three: patch

The patch is a hormonal remedy and has many of the side effects of a pill. It is convenient to use it: it is enough to attach the patch in an inconspicuous place and change it once a week. The patch has the same contraindications as the tablets.

Method four: chemical contraception

There is a large selection of vaginal capsules, tablets, tampons, suppositories, creams that contain chemicals that are harmful to sperm. how to protect yourself without pillsFrom the frequent use of such funds, irritation is possible, so girls who have an irregular sex life can use them. As a rule, their use is not very convenient, moreover, the percentage of protection is not too high.

Method five: an injection every 2-3 months

This is a hormonal remedy that is administered by a doctor every 2-3 months. This technique can only be used by women who have given birth under the age of 40. It should be borne in mind that all side effects will last until the end of the injection, it is impossible to prevent or cancel its effect.

Knowing how to protect yourself without pills, you will surely choose the best way for yourself to prevent unwanted pregnancy.