How to protect yourself after 40 years?

how to protect yourself after 40

By the age of 40, most women have already started a family and given birth to children, that is, family planning issues have long been resolved. Unplanned pregnancy at this age quite often ends in abortion. To avoid this, it is useful to know how to protect yourself after 40 years.

Methods of contraception

The method that has 100% effect is surgical sterilization. This method is mainly used by women for whom pregnancy carries a certain danger to health and life. The doctor ligates the fallopian tubes, thus making conception impossible. This method of contraception is suitable for those who do not plan to have children after the age of 40.

Most often, at this age, doctors recommend the use of progestin contraception, which includes mini-pills, injections and implants. The drug DMPA, which is administered by injection, not only helps to prevent pregnancy, but also protects the genitals from the occurrence of any inflammation. In addition, such injections will help to cope with thrush.

For women over 40, it is not recommended to use combined hormonal pills, which include estrogen and progesterone, as contraception. The reason for this is the fact that most women at this age have problems with blood vessels, liver, blood clotting and pressure, and hormones can exacerbate the problem.

Another type of popular contraception after 40 is the hormonal spiral. In this case, the hormone levonorgestrel is released, which not only prevents conception, but also reduces the amount of blood that is released during menstruation. It is forbidden to use this method of contraception for women who have inflammation, as well as pathological changes in the cervix. In addition, after 40, you can use barrier methods, which include condoms and caps. The only contraindication is allergies.