How to prolong an orgasm

Recently, there has been only talk about the mysterious and incomprehensible female orgasm, it even becomes somewhat insulting for the strong half of humanity. You might think that men are not at all interested in the question of how to get a long and vivid orgasm. Naturally, this is not so, and the male orgasm is no easier than the female. So, in order to equalize the sexes, we will figure out how and what a girl should do to prolong her man’s orgasm.

How to prolong a male orgasm: physiology

Probably, every man knows a way to prolong and intensify an orgasm during masturbation – before discharging, you need to squeeze the penis at the base or act on the point between the anus and the scrotum. Thus, the moment of ejaculation is delayed, and the man gets a longer and brighter orgasm. The same technique of prolonged orgasm can be transferred to sex – a girl, feeling that a man is ready to cum, should help him with her gentle hand to prolong the pleasant sensations. But this is only the physiological side of the issue, there is also an emotional one. You should not think that a man is built primitively and a long orgasm depends only on whether the partner squeezes the penis or not, in order to delay the moment of climax. Preparation for it also plays a significant role in getting the maximum pleasure from intimacy. Although, sexologists advise periodically resorting to quick, spontaneous sex, because this action of men is extremely exciting. But it’s not worth doing all sexual relationships like that – any, the most spicy and piquant seasoning, becomes boring over time. Therefore, alternate periods of tenderness, affection and insane passion so that a man does not consider you a boring and monotonous person.

How to prolong a male orgasm: emotional background

There is a misconception that the male orgasm is inextricably linked with ejaculation (ejaculation), but this is not always the case. Ejaculation can also occur without pleasurable sensations, as happens with medical procedures. And an orgasm can overtake a man without ejection of sperm, for example, with repeated sex, sperm may not have time to be produced, but a man still gets an orgasm. Therefore, the emotional side of the process is very important.

We all know that men are mostly contemplatives, and therefore the entourage is important. Beautiful, sexy lingerie on your beloved woman is great. True, a lady can appear before her man and dressed, but only in order to later get rid of all the elements of her attire. Consistent removal of the details of the outfit to the music, accompanied by erotic movements, called “striptease”, can seriously excite a partner. A properly prepared man is a guarantee of good sex and a bright orgasm. So do not be lazy to please your loved one with such dances.

Often our men come home from work tired and loaded. What kind of sex and long orgasm can we talk about if he does not have before his eyes How to prolong an orgasm for a manblood-stirring erotic scenes, and a sales plan and an eternally dissatisfied boss (by the way, not at all sexy)? Therefore, first you need to get your betrothed out of this state so that he can focus on his partner, that is, on you. A delicious dinner, shared bath and massage can help. The latter should be erotic – from a regular massage, a man relaxes so much that he falls asleep and no love joys will interest him. True, if a loved one is exhausted to the limit, then erotic massage will not turn him on either.

It has long been noted that after a period of abstinence, orgasm is more vivid or prolonged. But it’s not yet clear how to take this fact into service, not to deny closeness to your loved one, so that someday later you can enjoy the extravaganza? Although, if a partner has been busy at work for a long time and doesn’t think about sex for a while, maybe it’s worth going on about him and not pestering? But then, when the office rush is over, you will find heavenly pleasure for two.