how to say no to a guy

The guy offered to meet, but you don’t know how to refuse? In this article, you will learn how you can solve such a delicate problem. Finding the right words so as not to offend or offend the feelings of a young man who feels sympathy for you is not so easy.

How nice to refuse a guy to meet?

Of course, the fact that a man singled out you from the crowd, and not another girl, increases self-esteem. But if you do not feel reciprocity, it is important to convey to the guy that you do not want to be with him, as correctly as possible. It is not so difficult to refuse a guy to date if you follow the following rules:

  1. Show that you are firm and confident in your refusal. A man must understand that the decision is deliberate and not subject to discussion. This is best done in a conversation on neutral territory. And, of course, there should be no witnesses.
  2. Try to be sensitive and treat the conversation with respect and understanding. You should not behave as if you think that a man is not worthy of you and your attention.
  3. In order to gently refuse a guy to meet, you need to build a conversation correctly. It is important to convey to a man that you treat him with respect, appreciate his sincerity and honesty, are flattered by his attention and value him as a true friend. But, nevertheless, this is the maximum of what you experience for this person. Thus, you will be able to maintain friendly relations for a long time.
  4. If you want to get a temporary reprieve, then refuse a date, citing important matters. But this option is far from the best. Therefore, in order to avoid embarrassing sensitive situations, it is better to immediately dot the i’s. In addition, such behavior unworthy of an adult woman will not addhow to say no to a guy you bonuses before the representatives of the stronger sex.
  5. You can say that you have a beloved young man with whom you are happy together. But this option is only suitable if the guy does not know the details of your personal life.
  6. Spare the young person unnecessary details and do not say unnecessary words. After you say that you refuse to meet with him, he may insist on continuing the conversation. Therefore, we recommend that you think in advance how you can avoid continuing the conversation.

By following these simple guidelines, you can delicately explain to a young man why you are refusing a relationship with him.