How to please a man?

how to please a man

And, really, how? After all, they are all different, each has its own disposition and character and its own cockroaches (and some have rabbits with swans) in their head and heart …

Well, let’s try to summarize … What, in our opinion, is the main thing in how to please men? After all, here, as they say in the old film, everything is important. So let’s get started…

Respect authority

Any man, no matter how weak-willed he may be, considers himself the head of the family !!! .. period! .. and, for God’s sake, let him think and in no case should he be persuaded of this. It will be worse for you, dear ladies. That’s why you were given innate tenderness and external weakness, so that it would seem to him that important decisions for you (we read for happiness in the family) were made by him, but those that are beneficial to you, i.e. for the good of the family, of which you ladies are the guardian. And he should determine which type of beer is better, who is cooler than Spartak or Real and other very significant things for him that you don’t need to pay attention to, but you need to pretend that you admire the delicate taste of your man and will die for Spartak along with him on the first his word.

So, what is the best way to appease a man – yield in small things, subtly feel his mood, do not climb on the embrasure when he comes home out of sorts, “do not break the rack”, as athletes and hunters say. Any word at this moment will be perceived by him sharply negatively, and then it will definitely respond to you. Therefore, pause and when you feel (and this is easily felt) that the thunderstorm has passed, you will return his good mood with a light, laid-back caress … and do what you want with him …

Well, it looks like we got it sorted out. Let’s go further.

happiness in bed

Sex is the basis of happiness in family life. You can read this postulate (by the way, not proven by anyone) in any magazine accompanied by the big names of philosophers, psychiatrists and other monsters of “knowledge of life” on the topic of how to please a man in sex. However, after reading the biography of many of them (Vivat, Wikipedia!) You find an amazing thing – almost none of them were happy in marriage. For example, recently a well-known Russian-American director spoke on this topic with the pathos of a know-it-all, if only he didn’t know – five divorces!

Do you need it, dear ladies? Hardly. So, after all, how to please a man in bed? The happiness of family life is in harmony and the totality of all components of family life without exception – that is, in the friendship of spouses who go through life together well and pleasantly, despite the difficulties and troubles that arise from time to time, which they overcome together, as they say – both in grief and in joy … Well, the bed, and everything connected with this word, is only one of the components, undoubtedly important, but not defining, an integral part of what we call happiness.

Please pay special attention to “…and everything connected with it”. This turnover is not accidental. Bed is not only sex, it is a much broader concept, it is not only a place where you spend at least how best to please a man30% of family life is a place for tenderness, for spiritual satisfaction, comfort and warmth, where not only your bodies, but also your souls merge more than anywhere else, where you often jointly make such strategic decisions, on which your life will largely depend. further fate.

Therefore, this object should be in your area, dear ladies, of special attention and care. Linen should always (!) be fresh, the bed should not creak like a cot with any movement, it should be attractive for you and for him, and we assure you, a man will appreciate it and, being somewhere on a business trip, will remember more than once with a kind word your home bed, take a breath and try to get home as soon as possible.