1. Do not run ahead of the engine

Of course, you’re both so excited that you can’t wait to start your main course (otherwise you wouldn’t have started, right?). But sexologists really, really do not recommend skipping or crumple foreplay for the first time with a new lover.


Do not miss your chance to find out how each other’s bodies work, what kind of caresses they most readily respond to. Then you will be able to make sex successful from the very beginning and understand what is right for your partner.

Take your time, move towards the actual sexual intercourse gradually. Kiss, caress each other, rub against each other through clothes, kiss again… Passionate petting has never stopped anyone from throwing firewood into the fire of desire.

2. Don’t gloss over awkward moments

Of course, we all want to appear as gods and goddesses of sex, so if something awkward happens in bed, it is instinctively easier for us to remain silent and pretend that nothing happened. In fact, everything will go much more smoothly if you do the opposite.


When you’re with someone new (especially if you really, really care about each other) – both of you are tense because you’re worried about whether your partner will like your body and your actions.

These experiences can make any of us quite clumsy. In order not to kill the love mood with this clumsiness, you need to somehow respond to it in the tone of what kind of sexual atmosphere you have.

For example, you were joking and laughing, and then he tripped over the fact that he could not unfasten your bra in any way. Don’t sit still and wait for him to do it while he blushes like a schoolboy and feels more and more like an idiot every second. Better smile and say: “Let me try. I have it with a secret so that no one will guess. Look, I’m only showing you.”


Or you were so seething with passion that your foreheads collided. In order not to disturb the atmosphere, switch your attention to the bruised place and passionately cover it with kisses.

3. Say something nice

What is considered male sexual egoism, in fact, often turns out to be inability and shyness: “I don’t know what to do, but I’m embarrassed to ask.” It is still important for most men to know that his partner is fine with him. If he sees how excited you are, it turns him on.


And since you are a new person in bed for him, he still does not know how you react when you are really good. Still, we are all very different, and with the same sensations, one will moan theatrically throughout the five-story building, the second will whimper weakly, and the third will quietly roll her eyes and enjoy silently. Therefore, it is very important to tell him about your pleasant feelings.


But remember: praise him only when he really does something nice, because he will remember all this and take it into service.

And if it annoys you that he put his tongue in your navel, and you pretend that you have never experienced a greater buzz in your life, then you will get your tongue in your navel every time. Do you need it?

How exactly you will compliment him is up to you. For example, if he is good at oral sex, you can just say: “Mmm, how good,” or you can clarify: “God, you have a golden tongue.” The main thing is to say that you liked it. It excites him and teaches how to please you.

4. Refrain from insane acrobatic etudes to begin with

Perhaps you want to immediately impress his imagination with your incredible skills, skills and sex tricks. Be sure to do it – but not the first time.


On the first night with a new partner, it is best not to experiment with difficult positions or tricks of tantra. You still don’t know each other’s features and capabilities, you haven’t studied the manner of movement and the degree of flexibility or endurance, and therefore you may be greatly disappointed when it turns out that all your magnificent arsenal simply does not work on this person. And you also run the risk of getting carried away, demonstrating how you can do, and losing touch with reality, instead of properly enjoying what is happening between you.

So leave all the delights for dessert – that is, for those times when you understand what each of you needs to have fun.

To begin with, limit yourself to positions that are familiar to everyone, bring pleasure and do not require exceptional gymnastic abilities. Later, when you want to add a little peppercorns, then it’s time to lay out the trump cards.