According to statistics, to get an orgasm, 70% of women need additional stimulation of the clitoris.
“I forgot to put the dildos away before the housekeeper arrived, and she neatly arranged them by size,” the girlfriend laughs, telling a story from her married life. I can’t contain my laughter. Vika has been married to Matt for two years, they are raising a wonderful son and, like any couple who have children, they try to keep the fire in bed.


The guys have a sex suitcase, which they periodically turn to in order to enhance sensual experiences and get new experiences together. I’ve heard a lot of guys see wife toys as rivals, but Matt is confident enough not to be jealous of Vika’s silicone dicks.

According to the Kinsey Institute, 70% of women need additional clitoral stimulation to have an orgasm. It is not always possible for a partner to caress you with his fingers or tongue during sex, and here a vibrator comes to the rescue. Not all of them look like giant penises – there are very tiny things the size of lipstick, and they give a lot of pleasure. There is a prejudice that an orgasm from a toy does not count. But listen, you turn on the food processor or blender to cook dinner, and the food doesn’t get any less appetizing!


By the way, sex gadgets can enhance not only yours, but also men’s pleasure. The clitoral vibrator can be used on the bridle or gently driven over the testicles. It doesn’t always lead to an orgasm, but some of my exes have been wildly turned on by the stimulation. Just pour a generous amount of lube on the area you decide to play with. Sex must be wet!

I’m lucky, my man shares the bed with hot pink “Valery” from Fan Factory without hesitation. Sometimes I don’t even believe that such a reverent friendship began between the guys. Kostya himself washes my vibrator and charges it before business trips. Makes sure I don’t get bored alone. Have you ever tried these toys?

It’s time to shake things up. Buy a vibrator and experience an orgasm with it at least once in your life. I guarantee you will learn a lot about yourself.


How to make friends with a man? Here’s one option: “Honey, I read a great article in VOICE… Shall we give it a try?” Or strike up a conversation right after sex: “Mmm… I found out about one thing here and I’m a little intrigued. Let’s order online?” While waiting for delivery for four days, you can have a powerful foreplay with your boyfriend, because you are so excited that the “third” will soon come to the bedroom.

Remember that you don’t always need a food processor to cook delicious food. But when it is, things are much more fun!