how to make a man love you

It is not uncommon for a situation where feelings arise for a man who does not have mutual feelings in response. In such cases, many women are interested in whether a man can fall in love with time, and what efforts should be made to win the chosen one. Psychologists say that everything is possible, the main thing is to know some secrets and use them correctly.

How to make a man love you?

To begin with, it’s worth mentioning the most important rule – you don’t need to put on a mask and play some role, because sooner or later the deception will be revealed, which will cause conflicts, and maybe parting.

How to make a man fall in love with a woman:

  1. Like it or not, but men love with their eyes, so a woman should always look like a needle. Everything should be in moderation, this applies to both makeup and clothing.
  2. For men, it is important that his friends like his woman, but in this matter it is important not to overdo it and, in no case, flirt with them.
  3. The representatives of the stronger sex are hunters, so you should not impose yourself on a man. So forget about constant calls and dozens of messages.
  4. Speaking about what to do to make a man fall in love with you, it is worth giving another important piece of advice – become a good housewife. This is exactly what modern girls lack. A man will certainly appreciate the cleanliness and comfort in the house, as well as a delicious dinner on the table.
  5. It is difficult to meet a man who would not want to be a hero, so a woman should do everything possible to make him feel it. To do this, you should ask him for help, even if the matter is feasible.
  6. The representatives of the stronger sex love praise, so it is important to notice their virtues and achievements. Just do it appropriately, and tell the truth.
  7. Be positive, because few people will love a perpetually dissatisfied and angry woman. It is necessary to create an atmosphere of lightness and happiness.