What if…

Have you heard scary stories about how intimate photos or videos were sent by the girl’s enemies to all her colleagues? How did the pictures accidentally end up on the table of the boss or the former teacher? How did someone post them on thematic sites or blackmail girls, demanding a million dollars?


So, this is all true. Yes, you are not Paris Hilton for your sex video to collect a million views in ten minutes, but agree, it’s not enough pleasant. Just keep in mind that this can actually happen, and always keep this thought in mind. That is, you don’t have to think in the process: “And if mom saw …” Just be careful.

Of course, before doing this, no one thinks: “Some suspicious guy, but I still want to shoot a home video with him, suddenly, deep down he is good!” And yet: you should only do this with someone you absolutely trust. And both of you should burn with this idea. Remember: you do not yield to him, do not succumb to persuasion, you yourself want it. The only way.


Answer a few questions

Keep in mind that shooting a home video that you will not be ashamed of is not your usual sex. It will be awkward, sometimes difficult, but often very funny. Laughter is known to prolong life, including sexual life. In order to decide what you both want, try answering these few questions, at the same time make a plan in this way.

  1. Do you want to make a movie with a story or just sex?
  2. Will you be the main character of the film? Or will you play someone else’s role?
  3. Where do you want to shoot? Although the bed is always “simple and tasteful”, other places can be considered for this purpose.
  4. What exactly do you want to shoot: vaginal sex? Striptease? Oral sex?
  5. Do you want to include sex toys in your shoot?


Of course, if you just want to indulge, you do not need such serious preparation. And if you are going to create a masterpiece, you will need to make an effort.


Let’s move on to the details. You can’t shoot a good video without good light.

Here a lot depends on what result you want to see in the end. The ideal light is morning, diffused. Such light will show every detail, but the video quality will be at its best, even if you shoot on a smartphone (and you shoot on it, right?). If you don’t have the opportunity to shoot a home video during the day and want more sex, you can try the good old candlelight. But keep in mind that this is a serious challenge for a smartphone camera, and the quality is likely to leave much to be desired.



But what you should definitely avoid is the boring, poisonous yellow light of ordinary apartment lamps. Such light will spoil you not only the result, but the process itself.

Find the right angle

As you probably know, porn is all about angles. What are you willing to sacrifice: your convenience or the beauty of the frame?

Here are some ideas on how to set up the camera.

  • The best and easiest view is from the side. Place your phone in such a way that you get a wide picture of your bodies. You will not achieve high detail here, but the solution is universal.
  • Use two cameras. Place one as described in the previous paragraph, and the second can be placed in such a way as to take a close-up of the partner’s face or genitals.
  • You can even hold the second camera in your hands, then you get very intriguing first-person shots.


B – security

Sorry, but we have to repeat a couple of obvious things, even if they stuck in your teeth.

  • It is best if the file is in a single copy and protected from copying.
  • Don’t upload sex videos to the cloud! Please.
  • Better not call your video “oursex.mp4”, seriously.
  • Ideally, the file should be on your device, not his.

Whatever you do, whatever angles you find, whatever lighting you install, the main thing is that this process is a pleasure for both of you!