how to love sex

Sex is one of the important components in the harmonious relationship of a man and a woman, but intimacy is not fun for everyone. There are young ladies for whom this process becomes almost painful. But if a girl has already thought about how to love sex, then she is aware of her problem and the importance of solving it. And this already suggests that the first step on the right path has been taken.

How to love sex for a girl?

To find a solution, you need to understand the reason why some women do not like sex.

Experts say that one of the common causes of dislike for sex in women is complexes. During this process, the fair sex cannot relax, she is constantly constrained and pinched. That is why she cannot get any pleasure from an intimate life.

If this is really the problem, then you should completely get rid of the complexes and by all means love yourself. Try updating your wardrobe. Choose clothes that are brighter and show off your figure. Do not buy things in dark colors, they will only oppress.

It is also recommended to do fitness or yoga. Training will help to put the figure in order and raise self-esteem. In addition, exercise helps increase libido. Do not ignore the famous Kegel exercises.

Also noticed one of the common reasons for reluctance to have sex – the occurrence of pain during intercourse. However, discomfort is most likely the result of some diseases that only a doctor can determine.

Why women don’t like morning sex?

Many men like to start the morning with caresses with their beloved. However, not every woman will support such an idea. Often this happens for the reason that she is worried about her appearance and in the morning there is a desire to first clean herself up.