The sexual attraction of partners can both increase and decrease over time. Emotional swings confuse men. Not everyone knows the reasons for the decrease in female libido – sexual desire. Today we will tell you about ways to “ignite” a long-extinct fire in a relationship. You will learn about the most pleasant, and most importantly, safe and effective methods.

Libido refers to a woman’s sexual desire and attraction to her partner. This is the sexual instinct and physical attraction to the opposite sex. The normal state of libido is considered to be the usual desire for intimacy.

However, there is no measure of “normal” libido levels. This topic is very individual and depends on many factors: the biological and physiological characteristics of a person, as well as some personality traits. Attraction can change with us throughout life. A healthy person is considered when his body desires intimacy.


There are many reasons that contribute to a decrease in libido in women. The most common is considered to be widespread negativity – eternal problems at work, study, depression, stress, poor sleep and lack of good rest – all this negatively affects libido.

The body is so exhausted that it does not transmit signals of excitation to the brain, so you do not experience anything at the most crucial moment.

We recommend that you reconsider your views on nutrition and give preference to vegetables, herbs, fruits and berries. Poor nutrition makes a woman more depressed, makes her feel an imaginary sense of satisfaction, which dissipates very quickly and affects libido.

Give preference to healthy fats and proteins, essential elements in the diet.


Do exercises to improve blood circulation in the pelvis – this increases libido. Also, joint fitness classes, yoga or going to a regular gym help a lot.

Learn to rest properly. Review your schedule, it may be the right time to travel with your loved one. Or work out a schedule for the day. Go to bed on time and do not overload yourself with work (do not take it home). Do whatever fills you with positive emotions and gives you strength.

It is very important to talk about problems with your partner, even if no one likes to do this, because usually a showdown leads to quarrels. But, if such a conversation is overdue and there is a clear feeling that it is time to discuss your unwillingness to be close, just do it. Any problems cannot be hushed up, so sooner or later such a conversation had to happen.

Perhaps the time has come when it is worth changing something in your intimate life. Strongly lowers female libido boredom and monotony in bed. Don’t be afraid to experiment and try new things – there are plenty of options.

Discuss new proposals with your partner, share the most sensual areas, discover all the secrets and desires to bring something new into intimacy. Then you will understand how the mood between you has changed. The second half and even your own body will open to you from a completely different side.