how to hint a guy for sex

If you are interested in the question of how to hint at sex, then in our article you will definitely find useful tips that will help you move from thoughts to actions. Imagine a picture: a girl has a young man, they meet for a while, certain feelings and desires arise, but the guy does not proceed to “decisive action”. What to do in this case and how to hint at sex?

How to subtly hint a guy for sex?

First, decide what intentions your chosen one has. Is he afraid to scare you with his pestering or piss you off? Perhaps he wants to wait for a more convenient and appropriate moment? Does he have certain feelings for you, or does he consider you a friend without feeling sexual attraction? If you decide that it is worth trying to take the initiative and nicely hint to a guy for sex, then we recommend that you try the following:

  1. Try wearing a beautiful dress that shows off your curves and makes you feel sexy. Do a light styling (clean, flowing hair with a light styling attracts the attention of men) and beautiful makeup. You can accentuate your lips with red lipstick. It is believed that bright lips are associated in men with sex, as during lovemaking, blood circulation improves, and due to this, the color of the lips becomes more saturated. Or do expressive eye makeup: you can draw black arrows or do makeup in the style of “smoky eyes”. High-heeled shoes, stockings and beautiful underwear are welcome.
  2. While kissing, gently breathe into his ear and stroke his neck. Your heavy breathing activates his sensuality. You can run your hands under the clothes and gently stroke his back, stomach and chest.how to hint a guy for sex Men, like women, have a lot of erogenous zones (moreover, they may not even know that some part of their body is sensitive).
  3. Demonstration of bare wrists, knees and neckline are attractive to men.
  4. Aromatherapy. Almost all people remember smells. Choose a sexy and sensual perfume. But do not overdo it – the aroma should not be too harsh and intrusive.
  5. If the guy isn’t making any closer contact, then maybe you should talk to him about it. It is possible that he is inexperienced or is still embarrassed to go on the offensive.