Don’t count on much. Don’t count on small things

Let’s be frank. It is very unlikely that this will be the most luxurious sex in your life with squirt and multi-orgasms. So it is hardly worth counting on incredible pleasure.


At the same time, you don’t need to approach his first sex like that boy from the cartoon “Vovka in the Far Far Away Kingdom”: “Ah! And so it will come down! No, it won’t! Preparing in advance for terrible sex, you doom yourself to this most terrible sex. And, actually, why? Please remember that any sex should be fun. You are not a simulator and not a “first pancake”, so although you should not hope for thirty-three orgasms in a row, but do not prepare for the opposite in exactly the same way.

It is better not to count on anything: as it will be, so it will be.

Don’t laugh at him – better not laugh at all

This is a delicate matter. If it seems to you that you will relax him with laughter, then maybe it doesn’t seem to you: a good joke can really defuse the situation. The main thing is not to cross the line and not hurt the already fragile and nervous ego of a young man. Remember that he is just as nervous as you were the first time around. Only you could show it, and he tries to be brave and pretend that he has already done this a million times, and in general – a trifling matter! So know: no, for him this is not a trifling matter, but a very nervous one.


Try to keep the line: do not try to laugh at his stupid cowards, but do not make such a face as if a military march is playing in the background.

Support him if he falls

Yes, it happens from time to time, no big deal. Due to the fact that he is nervous, his erection may not be as reliable and disappear at the most inopportune moment (the moment when you both are without pants will always be the most inopportune). Just keep caressing each other like nothing happened. You don’t have to point your finger at him and make a sound of frustration, but you don’t have to run out in a cheerleader costume: “Come on! You can!” Fall and fall, it happens. If your partner is young, then returning everything as it was will not be difficult.



Brake it

If he has never had sex, he may be in a big hurry. He wants to quickly find himself inside, and everything in between is just an unfortunate misunderstanding. If you yourself are not turned on by the thought that you will simply tear off each other’s clothes, and he will immediately be in you, slow him down. Wait a minute, young man, show me your rights. Yes, he wants to, yes, he is shaking with passion … This is still no reason to sacrifice your pleasure. So warn him that you will start with foreplay and explain that it is as much a part of sex as penetration. Yes, sometimes you can do without it according to your mood, but this is not the case.

Speak and show

Don’t expect him to suddenly open his third eye in unexpected places and suddenly realize how to please you. Will not open. Doesn’t realize. He will be clumsy and confused, but everything is in your hands (literally). Tell him about the erogenous zones and how to influence them: show him where to kiss you and where to stroke you. Draw him a map leading to your clit! Feel free to say in detail what you like and ask him how he likes it.


Don’t forget about his mistakes

No need to think: “Well, it’s his first time, and so it will do.” If you feel pain or discomfort, then no, it won’t. Sex should be fun for both of you, so don’t be afraid to stop it to say, “Don’t do this, it hurts.” You can control his speed and depth of penetration, do not discount the fact that he is inexperienced and will learn everything. He won’t learn unless someone tells him that what he’s doing is wrong. No need to make a sound like on a talk show when someone gives the wrong answer, and it’s too early to throw him off the platform, but always talk openly about your feelings, including unpleasant ones.

Encourage and support

And remember that he is nervous and worried. He sincerely wants to do you well, so be sure to give him feedback, tell him what his actions lead to pleasant sensations. After all, this is not an exam, excessive criticism is also inappropriate here, because he is an equal partner in sex, this is not a school.

In general, no matter what you do, the main thing is that everyone is happy.